Do Clerics and Monks perceive negative status effects differently?

Recently started using LotL heavily in raids and noticed that cleric heroes are resisting the mana reduction from minion damage.

Well, let’s say the minion applies a negative status effect (although I don’t know if it does), then everything is fine.

But why don’t monk heroes resist mana reduction then?

It is possible that I misunderstand the description or do not fully understand how it works?

A monk can atempt to resist any negative status effect, like the one Costumed Lady of the Lake’s minions provides, but can’t resist mana reduction. If they resist things other than negative status effects then it’s a bug.

Mana reduction isn’t a status effect, this has been said by SGG when peoples were putting Ursena against Guinevere.

Cleric’s “mana status effects” includes every action against the cleric’s mana, unlike Monk’s “negative status effects” wich only applies to status aliments. Not the best wording.


Yes, most likely the problem is in the description… At first glance, the cleric’s talent is part of the monk’s talent.


Maybe I read it wrong in the past, but I thought the cleric talent used to say “all negative mana effects” without the word status in there, which is why it has always resisted mana reduction, mana steal, and mana gen down.

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So @PlayForFun @Petri I don’t know if the word status was inadvertantly added to the cleric talent at some point, or if it was intentional, but if the functionality of resisting direct mana reduction was not removed, the word status in the cleric talent does cause confusion


stepping back, it does make sense that Clerics would resist all negative mana effects (including non-status effects like mana cut/reduction); otherwise, the Cleric talent would only be a subset of the Monk talent. that is, being able to reduce mana cut, gives Cleric something that Monk cannot do.


I agree, but the description says otherwise. Although I already trust my experience and the explanations of other players more, for which I am very grateful to them.

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Completely agree with you, the description can certainly be improved :slight_smile:


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