Do classes make slow heroes viable for defense?


for the savagery that has been with the character, I intuit that they will make a useless patch, but if you have already raised it, give it the emblems, they can be recovered. But if I give him telescopes and I get the hotm after March or Ariel or Alicia I cut my veins.


Elena is a terrible tank and easily the best classic 5* red against titans. Great in pve and okay-ish in offensive pvp (directly related to how many aoe heroes they have and if you got 4* mana troops or not). You got everything backwards.


Elena has the lowest what I call “durability factor” (2× def + health) of any 5 star hero, tank or not. Her special is easily negated. She should have a C grade as a tank, Anchor done lost his mind on that one…

I was curious and checked how high class stats could get her defense and it bring her up to a typical 80+0 used as a tank… 688 def and 1499 health with a full dedensive build. So about as hard to kill as an unclassed Khagan


I find her way to squishy and easily killed before she fires as a tank to be good, personally…and if not, there are a LOT of dispelling heroes that can take out the riposte with minimal or no damage taken. And by “good for titans” I believe she has the highest attack stat of any red hero in the game, so she will contribute that way. The counterattack isn’t going to make much difference with titans.


This is true! I have plenty of videos of me taking her out.
Here is my latest:

Her tile damage is insane so this is also true.


I guess it goes with any hero it depends on what you have to work with. I have personally had good luck with eleana in war for defense. But i suppose since we all have different teams to work with theres always a way to bring down an opponent. Bottom line all depends on the boards your handed. Ive raided 100s of teams as most have im thinking key focus should be building troops with that increase your odds bo matter which heros your using


I appreciate all the different insights tho nice to see the game from different prospectives. Ill take all advice hints tips and opinions i can get all ways out to learn😀


Id still take her over any 4 star tank, despite being fragile. She can be an annoyance if her special goes off