Do classes make slow heroes viable for defense?

Obviously some slow heroes have always been viable like Alby…

But do the stat boosts or class specials make slow heroes viable?

Does Justice get significantly harder as a Paladin with boosted stats?
Horghall as a Druid with his companion?
How much longer could Isarnia live?
Can Azlar or Elena be boosted enough to survive more than 6 tiles from even a double stack?
Can Khagan be saved at all?

Who really takes that leap as a slow hero into viability?

I can’t quite answer but I am interested in what others have to say

Zero was just #1 and has Kunchen as tank.

Slow can also be ok, if the others support the slower ones.

Which hero dies from 6 tiles of a 2 stack? Never seen that, except downshielded, att buffed, Wu is on and strong color hits or extremely weaker than mine.

think of a fully-talented 4* becoming a 5* and a 5* becoming a 6*
Add in a level 23 mana troop to any of the slow heroes will make a huge difference.

Your results may vary, but I think slow heroes got a big shot in the arm with the class system.

I’m giving emblems to Yunan. I’ll develop his defence even more higher. As you know, he’s a fighter class hero who has 30% to revive after being killed… so… already a huge mega tank being upgraded to super ultimate mega tank who also rises from the grave with 30% chance! Being a hero like that we can safely call him a god! :slight_smile:

So YES, some slow heroes will most certainly be viable. Not just alby.


The revive skill looks to me like it’s good for defense. On Gold tier, I’ve noted on my wife’s account that many of the players holding cups there have been using Colen. I watched her do a raid against a team with him and killed him quickly with a combo that also filled his mana. But his revive skill activated and when he came back to life, he set all her team on fire.

So I definitely would say that it’s skill dependent.

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Yeah the revive is becoming quite a pain when you kill heros that have full mana. I’ve had that happen to me several times too.

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I didn’t like reviving, Magni almost destroy my raid once :roll_eyes:

Also, the mana resist of the clerics is a pain…then Rigard can purify the others…

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Zero is frequently #1, no matter what his defense is … and since he is such a popular target, he uses himself as a testbed to rate new tanks for effectiveness…often when he doesn’t actually expect the hero to be great as a tank.

But as for the OP’s question: My theory on giving emblems to heroes in general is to take my best heroes and make them better, not to try to improve upon the middle of my roster.

So if Justice is your best tank, she will be better at 80+20 than she is at 80. A paladin’s protect is one of the most effective talents for a tank, so it will definitely help her.

Will 80+20 Justice be better than Delilah at 80 as a tank? Maybe. Better than Guin at 80 as a tank? I really doubt it. Better than either Delilah or Guin at 80+20? Very doubtful.

Some slow heroes are already very good / usable.

  • Apparently Alby is utterly amazing on offense. (I don’t have him; I can’t confirm that), but on a defense team he’s more of a low odds annoyance than a serious threat to me.
  • Yunan is still a MEAN tank, arguably one of the best in the game and he’s slow.
  • I’d love to have Elena for titans, or Isarnia for titans and raiding, even if neither would likely make my defense team.

If a hero in my roster doesn’t seem worth the mats for their final ascension TO ME, I cannot imagine how they would be worth giving emblems…and depending on your roster, the number of slow mana heroes who make that cut will vary quite a bit.


An end of days sandstorm beyond the grave sounds awesome. “Heeeeres Johnny! Boom! Enjoy my sand in your eyes motherf**cker!”

God i love and hate this game :smile:

Yeah, some currently usable 5 stars are going to get better…

…but does it make any underused 5 stars more viable on defense? Who would you put in your defenses as an 80+20 that you didn’t consider at 80+0? I’m curious if someone like Quintus will show up in more defenses, because he really doesn’t now.

I’m also very interested in the v20 adjustments, hopefully hitting some old heroes with a boost.

Lets see… People are anxious about Aegir who’s about to get a little boost in the upcomming 20 update. I gave my paladin emblems him already even though i don’t know about the buff he’s going to get… we’ll see.

Eleana is great for a tank not so much for titans i dont believe the reflection effect does much damage on titans but here power shot has proven to make up for her slow mana. I would say she hits the whole team as hard as say missandra but does an equal amount of damage to all enemies not just one of them.

Not quite on point to your question, but the slow roll out of classes and limited real world affect of the talents has me underwhelmed. Once we get deeper into the talent classes, the stat boosts seem nice, but it is a painfully slow process with very little benefit so far in my opinion.

I don’t think the classes are going to make much of a difference.

Tank spots don’t mater as much except for Very Slow. I know a handful of people use Boss Wolf in the top 100, but I have yet to lose to one.

Health and attack power are going to go up with all classes. This is just going to put a gap between class leveled and non class leveled heroes. Count on defense teams using as many class heroes as possible and count on people bringing the same for offense.

However, I do think there are other changes coming that will help (I hope).

I think at this point the advantage goes more to the low level players. The advancement starting the game has always been slow and frustrating for some with the lower talent token cost available i think it brings a higher competitiveness for those at the breaking point for beating 4*s helps attract intrest to those just starting out. :thinking: just my thought but maybe like you said it will balance out in the mear future its still a young game of trial and error

I do think class talents changed many things, but it is not clear for now how much slow heroes can benefit from this.

Really strong AoE hitters (Quintus, Isarnia, Azlar, Yunan ) gain more chance to shoot their specials for sure, but at the same time they are not as effective as before.
We can say pretty much the same for tanky slow (Justice, Kunchen).

An average raid would probably take more time them before, and killing the tank before he/she shoot can be not as important as before.

This one rocked me down.

Personally I think having high manna troops make slow hero’s viable. Sure you can buff their defense to the max and they may or may not survive…depends on what the opponent brings to the fight