Do class pairings of Class quests stay the same?

Sorry if the answer is posted elsewhere. I’ve been holding on to some heroes that would otherwise be food because they are in a class I am low on. If the class pairings stay the same (for instance, trials of Fortitude will always be clerics and druids, trials of Justice always monks and Paladins, trials of mysticism always wizards and sorcerers, etc. ) it would help me refine my hero roster. Can anyone tell me if these class pairings are set in stone, or could they be randomized at some point? Thanks much!

They stay the same.


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At least, to our knowledge at this point, they stay the same.

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Very helpful link :point_up:


Yes I looked through that post (it is super useful, thank you!) and saw all the awesome info about which pairings for each trial, and an estimated schedule for when the trials are, I just wanted to be sure that the pairings are permanent before I start my feeding frenzy. :grin: Thanks very much!




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