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So what is the algorithm to tamper with your win rate when you play rainbow?

Good question because a rainbow almost guarantees a cooperative board. It just can’t win before timeout.

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Actually there is still the concept of a good and bad board… but I am curious if those who believe boards are rigged can differentiate them - and what they think that algorithm would look like. And then if they think SG is bothering to implement such a complex algorithm.

I used to think that but I am now slowly moving all of my war teams as close to rainbow as possible specifically because I don’t want to be so dependent on the poor ( but completely random) boards. I find that wins can come consistently as long as you have really good synergies between your heroes and you have some game changing heroes such as Grimble, Skadi, Myztero, Lady Loki, Lord Loki, etc

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Sadly my spending doesn’t allow for that after they suspended permanently one of my accounts. Attempts at communication have resulted in punitive punishment.

This is not statistical but if I lead with green vs blue and get 15 red tiles I’m suspicious, then l run with Yellow vs purple and get 15 green tiles i’m suspicious and when that pattern becomes see though because I’m getting ~15 tiles of a worthless colour as in tournaments on the last day where you may as well roll dice to select a mono team and hope for the best. Last tourney, last match, I guessed right after multiple straight losses and won with two moves by creating a cascade that wouldn’t stop (about 10) but victory with zero skill involved (Boril tank ?, 18 green tiles) and the cycle repeats time and again. That’s certainly pretty random.

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Excellent question but with the rate of new builds it is almost impossible to gain statistically meaningful results. Over 1000 iterations SG are scrupulously honest, smaller samples can appear bizarre and we all know about confirmation bias I hope. :slightly_smiling_face:

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