Do better SG

At the time I typed this up…the top 25 ranked global had 7 average heroes 1 slow and 1 very slow hero…

That’s 116 heroes that’s either fast or very fast…

This is proof that SG needs to start making the average and slow heroes either more powerful or have strong enough shield to hold up against all the current and future fast/very fast heroes.

Its ridiculous to see so many of the same heroes in the top 100 let alone the top 25.

Make no mistake…this is not a complaint from someone that doesn’t have the heroes to make it to the #1 spot…been there done that. I think this should be a game that focuses more on how to strategically pair your heroes to counter against others based on not only skill but survivability…but when you’re going up against defenses that have heroes (sometimes multiple) that hit all enemies at 240%+ at fast speeds with 830+…and your healer/shield up is average or slow with a shield number of 750…the chips are stacked against you.

SG you gotta do better or choose better beta testers to make better stats for your average an slow heroes.


I agree w you but can also tell you as a beta tester it’s not us. Trust me we give them feedback that reflects most of the community and I can say that as I read the beta beat and people there write similar suggestions to what’s already been left in beta lounge.

I can tell you that we give comments and after each beta closes there is a summary posted by SG staff of our comments. They basically report what we wrote but never say anything like ok we see many think villians are too strong and we will change hem.
A great example is wu costume where before we all pretty much thought it was a no brainer that he’d be a mini miki or tarlak. His first version was stupid so we complained and they didnchange it but not to what we Begged for, instead they made him his current form ad when we complained we got nothing.

It’s sad because I remember when you could synergize heroes and beat stronger teams. 4+ heroes were unique and the backbone of many teams when now it’s only emblemed ones that survive.

Anyhow it’s a lost cause. Strangely people defend them saying oh they’re a business but that doesn’t mean we should get soul crushing odds for summons. I mean other games including big console games give you top stuff for grinding like the top guns or whatever so why not give us a hero for beating each season? Or after reaching a certain level?

But as long as people spend they will do this and with the rate heroes are popping out it seems like there is lots of spending happening


Shouldn’t this be your answer already? Players should focus on how to strategically beat teams with fast and/or very fast heroes defending using the heroes available to them. My main monored team does not have fast or very fast heroes: Boldtusk with MCB, Wilbur, Falcon, Mitsuko and Azlar. I am very happy with the performance of this team against most green tanks. 3 may be 4* heroes and 4 of them are at average, but because of costume, troops and emblems, I can make 4 out of 5 of them fire almost similar to a fast hero. Besides, most green tanks crumble in 4 red tiles directed to it.

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You missed the point.

You can’t strategically beat a team that has heroes more powerful than yours along with bad boards not to mention they have an additional 20%+ added attack while on defense


The power creep is intentional to keep people spending. Can’t just have someone build a powerful team that stays nearly unbeatable or people would close their wallets and rest on their laurels. You always have to give them a new shiny object to chase after.

Sure, it’s cynical, but it’s the only logical explanation.


I assure you, I did not.

Playing since May 2018. Experience says it can be done. Many times. A lot of players and forum users will affirm their personal respective experience on this. If you can’t, then we may have done something right. Even with the current meta, you can still see video uploads of 4* heroes beating those fast and very fast 5* hero defenses. It has been done years before and it is still being done today and I don’t see any changes in the future. Strong defenses can still be beaten by weak teams.

LOL. Even with the most powerful team of heroes, no skilled attacker can win on bad boards. And when I speak of bad boards, it is one were there are few favorable tiles and are far in between, the first tile moved unexpectedly results to several cascades of neutral tiles resulting to the defending heroes charging their mana to deal the death blow to the attacking heroes.

Again, it can be done with the right heroes, even if they are not the prized ones. You just need to be strategic and tactical about it. If not, nobody can help you with that.

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These guys are gonna defend SG flawed system to the death…everything you said is why most of the original and fun people haven’t for other venues. It would be one thing if heroes, at some point, were easier to get being that they are pumping out heroes left and right. Seems to me that they are scrounging for money because of clones and other games with better rates, pity timers, qol that helps the whole not just one section.

Doesn’t matter how much sense you make these people will defend this travesty until it dies. I agree with everything you said and was very vocal about telluria months before her release saying she would break the game. what do us players from 2017 know about empires lol.


The smartest thing players can do now is hold all gems, summons, & ascension mats til season 4.

SG routinely implements heroes and events that Beta testers advised against. Let’s not lay the blame on hardworking volunteers.

But yes, I agree that the speed meta is very unbalanced.

Look back at YouTube guides from a couple of years ago when Justice and Azlar were the gold standard tanks.

Many slow, but interesting heroes now, like Bertila, are instantly met with calls to increase speed.


If only there was a format where all heroes’ mana speed was set to very fast… :thinking:
Nahhhh they wouldn’t do that would they? That would make heroes like Alfrike absolutely busted. :crazy_face:

Speed should correlate to offensive and defensive capabilities as in any other game. Fast heroes should not have as much defense and offense as tanks and slow heroes shouldn’t have paper thin defense. I mean come on you literally know what he is saying and here you go with an SG answer lol.

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While you all disagree on that, I think that everyone can agree that loot has been significantly nerfed more and more with each update. We all saw what happened a few Atlantis’ ago when they overtweeked it and nobody got any coins. This past update has also thrown damage percentages way out of wack as well. Maybe I fall into a small percentage of players that this has an opposite effect on, but it does not make me want to spend anymore and it does not want me to try and summon new heroes. Putting an obvious squeeze on players that pay attention is counterproductive imo, because if you have put a lot of time into your teams and keep track of drop rates in chests and from titans and see a decline, how does that opinion change when you’re looking at the data that supports things aren’t the same?

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We all (may be ) missed the original point of this post.
Yes, im asking it again, why should we see all top 100 globle defences having fast and very fast heros, the one which hides behind a pay wall system!!!.


Dear @KID , I award you Bardic Post of the Day :medal_military: for trying to drag this topic back on track.

Let’s debate the issue rather than the player.


This gets my thumbs up. :slightly_smiling_face:.

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This i wont agree. Beta testers are doing it good (and free as well ).


As someone who applied to be a beta tester, I fully support new beta testers! But I don’t support the idea that the current Beta testers are the problem.

Stats are a tried and true tool!

When it comes to the skill, just add more stuff. Make it do more!

And of course…
Speed is a nice coating to make something new look shiny!

I think of the 3 drool tools:

  • Stats
  • Speed
  • Skill

Speed is the most noticeable characteristic that effects gameplay.
It’s harder to sneak that one by us.
There’s only 5 options.

As time as passed… of course…
it’s certainly more visible for the smelly old cards using walkers to get around. In their prime, yeah sure, it meant something to be slow!
But that was… 117 new releases ago!

And now raids have another visible saturation? Not surprising…

The fix is done: You have Rush tournaments and war. Problem solved.

Oh yeah. And costumes

Even worse! Make slow old heroes faster… instead of worthy to be called slow


This @Snave is very true. Back before gravemakera appearance, teams could be made to counter pretty much anything with a few event heroes being tougher to take down with guin being a queen for quite the while. Season 2 brought great variety but didn’t " break the game" so to speak, and the loot from Atlantis rising was great for everyone.

Right around the time seaon 3 started getting brought up all these supposed qol changes started happening but none of them did anything other than make already normally taxing events that much more taxing.

And the fact that you still have very little control of who you are gonna use in your roster based on the fact you can’t plan to farm anything is just beyond old.


You waste time and calculations. Raids are won and lost based on a clear algorithm. Who spends the most on new heroes wins the most … what is there to calculate? Then at a certain point, magically they no longer work and other stronger ones come out … in practice they squeeze you x to always make you have the last ones and then weaken them … slow or fast it is not important, if you have to lose you will not have tiles of your color. Is simple. As long as everyone stops spending, then there will be some results.