Do Any Alliances Tolerate No Titan Hits for 24 hours When Online?

We are a teaching alliance that has been growing together for over a year. We advertise as an active alliance and, up until recently, had an average of 28/30 players hitting Titans & fighting in wars. Our philosophy has been “life happens, but tell us if you’re going to be gone.”. We have had players come and go, and 20 of us have been around 9 months or more.

Lately, several of our players have been online but not hitting Titans at all for a day or more. A couple of them are long time members in the top 25%. We plan to kick or demote them tomorrow (our promotions & demotions are on Fridays), but it is making a few members uncomfortable because we have been together so long.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am more of a chaplain than a general, but I find myself in the position of trying to keep us from falling apart.

Thank you!!!

In my alliance you can just said “I can’t be active tommorow, I’m not going to hit titan” and this is ok, but if someone said nothing and didn’t attack we ask him/her, Why?
These are only people, they can forgot, something random can happen.

Ask these players why they didn’t attack titans. Gibe them second chance, if they don’t change themselves, then you can kick them.

In last week we kicked the player who don’t attack on few last wars and titans. He was in this alliance from beggining (500+ days) but we need active players.


Our Alliance ist together for more than 500d. 20 of 30 people have more than 300d and our credo is: RL is always No.1.
We play 11*/12* Titans and have loads of fun in chat/line. So: In the end its just a game… :wink:

It is not a big thing, if someone is hitting the Titi only once or twice. a day - the community will bring him down.

Thank you Radar1. That’s pretty much what we’ve done. And then they come online, do whatever, go away without hitting the Titan, and don’t respond at all. We’re being ghosted :cry:

These people aren’t hitting the Titan at all…but they are playing the game. No Titan hits in 24 hours but we’re online 10 minutes ago.

Think about sitting in the office and auto farm 6/8 or 8/7. Your boss comes in right in the moment you start hitting the TIti. Not the best situation, nor for you, the Boss or the Titan… There are always reasons…


I get it. But 24 hours? Is that average for E&P? Maybe my expectations are too high. To hit the Titan once per day so you can get loot seems reasonable to me.

But I don’t want to be an ogre :japanese_ogre:

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Yes, in the alliance im in, it happenned that we encountered players that are lazy. They hit once and wait to get free loot. They’re resting on us… Boom BAN.

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We monitor by watching for patterns. Everyone gets busy at times, or even just forgets to hit the titan when they are online.

We created a policy asking for players to use at least 4 flags and aim a combined total score of at least 50k. This number will vary with other alliances, but except for our very newest beginner, we’ve found that’s a very achievable goal for our members.

We are currently fighting 9 star titans easily, most of our 10 stars with several hours to spare, and the odd 11 star.

Setting that 50k benchmark let’s other players see who hasn’t been making it. I screen shot and collect the data on our co-leaders channel and over a period of time we can see if a player needs to be contacted with advice, or if the pattern is so apparent, if they need to be removed.

We are fairly fluid in our determinations, for instance, a 9 star taken down with 12 hours to spare will be given a pass for players not reaching that target. A 10 star rare that we are chasing to the end with a player(s) not reaching their goal will be noticed, especially if they’ve been online at any point and not hitting it.


Yes! We try to take time zones into account, too. If someone is sleeping while the rest of the alliance defeats the Titan it’s a non-issue.

It’s really just the 0 hits BUT they were online that’s beginning to take its toll.

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After I suggested there are more casual alliances out there, one of our most senior & most experienced players hit the Titan for 73000 points and said he was leaving for a more casual alliance.

I’m so sad.

A second member just left.

I feel your pain :cry:

I’ve just returned to my home alliance after one month away and I’ve felt there’s a different vibe. I feel the alliance has split into committed - use all titan & war flags to optimise points and casual, use titan and war flags whenever.

Unfortunately releasing titans we should be defeating because not everyone is contributing, will strain relationships - its already started :sob: Similarly, losing wars because of individuals not using flags takes its toll.

I don’t think it was deliberate, it’s just where we now. RL happens and priorities change. I’m not sure how things will be resolved although expect, like you are experiencing currently, people will leave.

However, I’ve also found there are lots of great people in every alliance, and it may be an opportunity to welcome new enthusiasts who will help to grow your alliance. I’m also hoping for a positive outcome.

I will follow your story with interest @Joyful818.


@Sarah2 here is an update!

I was made co-leader of my alliance a few months ago, and we always joked that I was the “good cop” because I was loathe to kick anyone out, and the original leaders gave warning & then pruned away dead wood. One has been having a crisis with his account, which left me to “bad cop” duties.

We are experiencing exactly what you described. I began calling out the slacking players. I gave them repeated warnings. I pleaded with them so I wouldn’t have to kick them.

After the 2 members quit tonight, I asked people to please let us know what the issue was before anyone else left.

A brave member of the alliance said that the chat had become too negative and oppressive and that while she wasn’t quitting, she was beginning to fear being kicked if she didn’t hit the Titan more than a few times/day.

Looking back at my chat posts, bad cop doesn’t suit me.

This is just a game. I have learned 2 things today which I should know from years of being a parent:. 1). Make clear rules and enforce them quickly without dragging things out - always considering special circumstances. This allows 2) A positive atmosphere is always more motivating than a punitive one.

I am better at being a good cop. I have even delegated calling Titan retreat because hope springs eternal for me …

My plan is to apologize to the alliance tomorrow & then minimize my posts for awhile. We are going to kick one player who hasn’t been on for 11 days (I hope he’s ok). We will promote another. I am hoping the other leaders resume their simpler ways of discipline.

I hope this helps someone…

Grateful to be learning… :broken_heart: :heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I have been leading an alliance for some time now, and it isn’t easy! I make an effort to look at habits rather than one offs (keeping a record of who and when helps a lot) People with good habits will “survive” a bad day lol. People with bad habits won’t. Basically treat people the same way as they treat the alliance.

If you try to be all things to all people most of them will be wishing you were doing it differently (at both ends) Set clear guidelines and get rid of those who habitually fail to follow them. You will make the ones “on the same page” happy that way and there are plenty of other alliances out there for the ones that don’t “fit”


Difficult call @Joyful818 but sometimes, you got to be both


As a parent, I should know that…

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A good year ago I founded MY own alliance.

Since then we have grown and have developed into a laid back group of players and the member count nears 30…….

I am the only leader ( always open to sugestions ) and organize war and to a lesser extent titan hunting. ( Have to step this up though because of the new content. :smile: )

My alliance has few rules.

If you have a team on the battlefield use all your flags ( if possible ) in the battle. Two no shows without good reason will get you kicked immediately.

21 days of not announced inactivity will get you kicked.

If you absolutely do not communicate you might be kicked earlyer.

We have no entry limit and so far this model has served my alliance well.

I might have to tweak the model slightly once the alliance has reached 30 fully active members that I expect to stay. ( At least for a certain time )

The drawback of this is that we only kill 5*, 6* and sometimes 7* titans at the moment and from time to time we have new members that join the alliance and then leave during war. :unamused:

So far I am happy with the great crew and how it works but some changes might be necessary during the next couple of month.


One thing I have learned is that alliances change over time. We recently had to update our policy to fit with where most of the people in the alliance were now “at”. I have been really pleasantly surprised at the result. We lost very few and the alliance has had a boost in energy and enthusiasm (which had started to dwindle noticably) There is no “wrong” set up for an alliance, so long as you have people who are all on the same page.


sounds like you have exactly the same issue as we have “family fracas - lion pride”
of late we have dwindled to 19 members from a steady 28-30 and have some old hands that used to talk in alliance chat a lot but now are often in & out to do hits & collect resources but are erratic TO NON EXISTENT with titans …
we changed the requirement on alliance wars so members can opt in/out at will but some ignored the opt out requests & eventually removed as it was skewing the numbers.
Now we are seeing similar happen with titans as players lose interest or simply fail to communicate down times & removed one or two for non titan hits…
Now we find some of the early members are also fading with little in game messages/hits etc
we log all titan hits in the line app so can see patterns of who hits & what the scores are to help with possible activity & aware that on AW some players lack enough heros to set up 6 teams … most forget to keep 1* heros as a blind hit

While this is not a recruit thread & Im usually loath to highjack a thread …
Should you find yourself as a core of 10-12 players with dead-weight it may be worth merging with another alliance of similar to us…
likewise any group out there that feel that they are a core of actives that want a relaxed group that like the game and are active but not wanting too strict a structure come join us by
searching Fracas & lion pride

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