Do annual VIP purchasers get the Free Daily Emblems included in VIP?

I noticed vip now includes free daily emblem. Are they offering free daily emblems to those of us who have already purchased a yearly vip?

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Yes, i’ve been getting an emblem daily from my annual VIP. Are you not?

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I never paid attention lol, I’ll check it out thanks

I’m not sure. I just found out today and had already collected my gems and tickets. I usually don’t pay attention, I just click on it. I’ll check tomorrow and update.

Yes- I get emblems with Vip. Haven’t noticed a real pattern yet- different every day

It’s the same every day across accounts.

hmmm says monthly vip gives an emblem too… Have to check tomorrow, wasn’t aware of that.

Sorry, I meant that I get them daily but I haven’t been tracking the pattern of disbursement:)

It’s in the Shop description:


It was also in the release notes:

I bought a yearly VIP ticket before the emblems were added to VIP, and I’m getting one emblem every day. You can see it flying away from the gem symbol after you click on it, or just check in your inventory.

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WoW! I wasn’t even noticing them! I renewed before they added the daily emblem, but just woke my pet dragon up and he gave me one. :grin::+1:

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Strange… i dont get daily emblems??? Vip for a long time but no daily emblems…?

Yep, got a rogue emblem today… every little counts!!

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