Do all forum posts require approval now or is it just me?

I just posted on the serious discussion thread and the forum notified me that I now had 1 post pending for approval. And sure enough, a few seconds later, I got this notification

(thanks for the quick work, mods)

I’ve never seen that before. Did something I do trigger it? Am I in the mod-preview doghouse for doing something wrong?

Has anyone else ever seen this?


Happens to me all the time. You just said a word that triggered the auto sensors.


No, just used a naughty word :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a list of words which require moderator approval before posting. The words are basically ones which are frequently used in accusations or which create disharmony amongst forum users :slight_smile:

Worth noting that this is a DIFFERENT list to the Auto-censor list. Censored words are simply “asterisked” out. The approval word list requires moderator approval before posting the topic or comment :slight_smile:


I see - thanks for the explanation. Is the “naughty” list available for us to see or is it a secret?


I haven’t historically seen it shared about by any of the other mods. As the newest to the team I don’t think I’m the most qualified to answer that :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe one of the others can chime in.

Edit: I would think the answer tho is no; cause knowing the list will just have the words “worked around”… either by using synonyms or other filter dodging techniques.


Funny thing is that actual “naughty” words get automatically censored. The words that trigger the mod notification are words that are mostly innocent alone - but are not permitted here on the forum because they may be used to “name and shame”.

EDIT: bingo, identified one.

Let me test another.

Some people have found game exploits.

Okay, exploit is allowed. Interesting.

Please just don’t… intentionally trying to test & identify it just wastes moderator time…


Testing another:

The game is a scam!

Okay that one goes through…

Apologies @Guvnor, was just trying to find the key words so that we all know which ones to avoid.

EDIT: fair enough. I did find one, but I won’t ever use it in an inappropriate context. :slightly_smiling_face:

Asked, answerd and now run it’s course.

Not identifying the list to “know which ones to avoid” was litterally the point I was trying to make here: