Do Alberich and Lancelot's Mana gen buffs stack?


Anyone test this yet? I would imagine not, since they both have the same icon, but…


Alberich and khagan stack. Lancelot is the same as khagan, so it should stack. Alberich “recovers” between 8-12% per turn to mana depending on if it is a slow, average, or fast mana hero. Khagan and Lancelot add to mana generation. This would be similar to the stat boost you can get from certain troops.


Alby does stack with Lancelot and Khagan.

Lancelot and Khagan do not stack.

Lancelot / Khagan accelerate all mana gained; Alby simply gives a fixed about each turn so the buffs are functionally different.

EDIT: whoops missed the reply above.


Nice! Thanks for the confirmation!


So its different then,

Albe , recover 8%mana every turn , don’t need tile to generate mana.
Khagan or lancelot, 24 mana regen, need tile to generate mana.