Divide flasks

Can I divide the flasks into single flags … For example, I need a single attack against the Titan and I do not want to waste the two attacks … The reward becomes instead of a bottle that gets a certain number of flags and varies according to task (1-50)

No, but possibly they could provide some more items to be found which may be 1 titan flag, 2 raid flags and 6 we…


That’s a great idea!

Although realistically, when you are downing titan flasks, it is usually because you are trying to kill it right before it escapes, so it is actually often a good thing to be left with two after killing it, because you will have full or nearly-full flags when the next one appears a little more than an hour later.

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It is nice to have the xtras there granted. But think of all the times I knew it was a one shot deal tomfinish it and u had to crack it open. U may actually need the 2 or 3 next one

I put the Titan bottle as an example … the division of flask. World energy and raiding power more important and clear

I think having a 1, 2 and or the 3 hit flasks as choices is actually a cool idea. They should b purchased items though cause if I start getting 1 hit flasks from chests then I won’t b pleased. But I like it. I’m on board. I think more items ahould b for sale. And on that note I just had a :bulb: go off. Gonna start a thread. I will mention ur article in mine caus eur idea was kind of the inspiration I just caught.

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I just came here to suggest the same thing. I frequently run into cases where I want to do one or two more world quests or raids to finish a wanted chest, and I don’t want to waste an entire flask for the little bit of energy I need. It would be great if there were a 1-raid-flag flask and a smaller (maybe 5 energy?) flask for world energy.