Diversive rises again! Join our clan

Our clan is looking to expand with those interested in Titan battles and Wars, and those who have 1000 trophies or more. We currently have 10 clan members all who are active in war and Titan battles, we have a range of skill. We like to have fun and only have 1 rule, just use your flags if you log on and tell us if you will be absent 3 days or more. We like when our members ask questions and we can help, or if you have suggestions share them with us. Come try us out and we can conquer together.

Hot ■■■■ check this out Diversive is finally going to WAR (must be a leadership change)! Best wishes to you Ill.

Diversive is looking for some new members, we are looking for active members who have 1200 trophies or more and want to participate in Titan battles and war. We have a discord but it is not required. We know real life happens, we just ask that you keep us informed. 3 days no activity without notice equals exile. Come try us out if you like, if it doesn’t work out no worries. Either way happy gaming!

Hey mate.

Just a heads up but you don’t have your alliance name in the add so will be rather hard to find you…

Also might be worth outlining what titan level you currently are hitting & how many members you’re looking for?

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Hello, according to forum rules you are only allowed one thread for your alliance recruitment. It also helps to increase visibility and thread quality. :slight_smile:

@zephyr1 merge? :slight_smile:

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Thank you, sorry about that.


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