Disturbed Faction Recruiting - 3 Places Available


I am Zoltar, leader (amongst many) of the alliance Disturbed Faction. We are a friendly, relaxed active alliance, we try to support everyone with sharing useful information in the free app Line which we also use for communication. We have a good mix of very relaxed players who don’t chat much and a few of us who chat in game, share hints and tips and grow together.

Most importantly we have fun!

Rules and essential information:

  • We use the free Line app to communicate. We keep important information in Line, this is required.
  • We are an English speaking alliance inclusive of players from various time zones around the world including mainly U.S.A. and the U.K.
  • You are required to hit the Titan daily. We are currently taking down 7* to 8* Titans including Rares. We use Titan flasks and Harpoons usually only on Rare Titans when agreed in game chat.
  • War is optional, if you opt into war you must use all your flags, this is required.

At present we have 20 members and we are looking to improve.

If you feel we are a good choice for you and would like further information let me know here or message me in Line id thezoltar.

All the best,


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