Distribution and Introduction of Emblems

3 Month after the Emblems has been introduced into the game, I want to share my thoughts and experience.

  1. gained Emblems
    My chart shows, I cached 2591 Emblems in total. The amount of Emblems of each type is in my opinion not acceptable.
    200 Paladin Emblems against 320 Druids.
    The gap between the classes are to beg and must be more equal.

@Petri could you pleas review and investigate?

  1. Fighting in Raids/War
    It became more and more difficult to beat up a team full of steroids with a team only 1-2 do have Emblems. I always set up my team 3/2 or 2/2/1 compared to the opponents team to suit the colors and SS. And this requires a big base of Heros to cover almost every situation. Cure against dot, dispell against buffs, and so on… and at a curtain point you use about 20-30 Heroes where only a view got steroids.

  2. s2 quest and others
    This things get more and more easier to beat. Which is grat but not a challenge anymore. Maybe we could think of aligning the NPC power to the used team power.

whats your opinion and experience about the Emblems?

Legend for the picture:
Blue means Elemental Chest reward
Pink means Hero taken Emblems
Column B is the total from the last date of record
Row 2 the summaries

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