Distributed Loot Among The Team

I would like to see how much gets dropped on a defeated titan on a daily basis. One might ask, how this makes it relevant to me? Just knowing titans are dropping loot for someone, even if it isn’t me is satisfactory. But most importantly, a titan is dropping a fair amount in the first place on a daily basis.

To me, I feel this would bring more positive feelings than negative. Just the mere fact of being a little more transparent will help.


I love this idea, I also wish there was team loot transparency, especially with rare titans! I hope this becomes a feature we can access. Sadly I still don’t know how to see my personal loot drops, I’ll have to google it I suppose :see_no_evil:. Carry on and good luck! :heart:

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@SweetyPie if you go to the settings menu and go to the support tab there is an option for recent activity. Shows any loot you’ve received that is 3 or 4*

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It worked THANK YOU! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

@Worldbreaker THANKS :heart_eyes:

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