Dissolving heroes for points?

Has there been any definite word about if there’s going to be a way to dissolve heroes into essence or something so that you can use that to trade vs other heroes/rolls?

There was some hope about this before the Hero academy but that never happened. I now have a seriously shortage of roster space and need to eat some 5* dupes. The question is if I should stop at 10 or just go ahead and eat everyone since nothing like this will ever be implemented.

The Soul Exchange is in beta and will probably make it into the live game in february, you can use your duplicate or unused 5*s to choose heroes you want and trade for them so i wouldnt start eating the dupes now.

“Dissolving heroes for points?”

Am I the only one, to who it sounds very unethical? :smiley:
But I am all for it, if the points I get can be used towards my benefit :rofl:

Hold on to your dupes. You can use for soul exchange come February 2022.

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Ok, thanks a lot. Will be as restrictive as possible then when trying to create some space.

What is a soul exchange ?

Its a new feature where you can exchange 10/15/20 legendary heroes for another 5* hero of your choice from a selection of options per tier.

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Can’t wait for it to happen soon. Thanks for the info. Do you know which building allows us to do that?

It’s an upcoming event. Global Beta in Feb 2022. Hold on to your 5* dupes.

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I am now at 700 gems for 5 slots. It gets really painful but now that there is a small window of hope, I hit the bullet and bought more space.

If that soul exchange takes off, I won’t need to buy more space for a looooong time.

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You can read more about it here:

Later other heroes and costumes will be available.


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