I express my refusal to you creator of this game. This is fourth time that I can’t take the Epic hero for the 300gems. Can anybody explain to me why I can’t take the CHOOSEN Epic hero for 300gems?! Every time from the Epic group I’ve been choosing the hero THE EPIC HERO, but instead of it I’m being given NOT EPIC HERO… SOLVE THIS PROBLEM… AND TAKE BACK MY GEMS…


Do you mean, you look at the screen and see a 5* Hero, press the button and get less?

If you look at the screen, it says, “Shown heroes are only possible samples of Summon results.”

Epic and Elemental guarantee you a Hero between 3 and 5*…but not a guarantee of a specific one. Like so:

What I wanted was Elena (5*), what I got was Renfeld (3*). The selection is random.


Yes, correct. That’s what I was showing Triumph.


Didnt read your post just saw the pic


yeah dear Rook… you got what I meant… but I am taking the heroes for Gems… not for FreeSummon…


It is the same no matter what.


It functions the same way, whether you have paid for your gems or collected them up for free over time.

Hope the pictures helped!