Dissapear a hero


In the morning i win from the portal an epic hero. ELENA. and now dissapear. Why?


Did you accidentally use her to level another hero?

(There is a “Favorite” button in the upper left corner of every card—click white to turn it on. This prevents accidental losses of heroes!)



I don’t use for high up level another hero. Just dissapear. I use 300 diamonds and i win elena In the mornig and later justo dissapear. I dont press favourite button. I didnt know about thai función.


Are you sure you actually won Elena? Many have made the mistake thinking the hero you see when you click buy is the one you are going to get. It is not you get a random one frome the heroes rotating.

It will create a summoning animation and show the actual hero you got.


Im sure. Í play around 3 hours in the morning and level up for elena. She attack all the enemies at the same time.


Elena have initial power 428. Im shure about what i win but i dont know why dissapear in the night.

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Okay, you will want to get help from the game directly. Explain that you got—and were leveling—Elena before she disappeared, and that you did not accidentally level her away on another hero:


Let us know how it goes!



In the place of nashgar i had Elena in level 8.

Obtener Outlook para Androidhttps://aka.ms/ghei36


I suggest that you “Favorite” ALL heroes you don’t want to lose (those in your groups, plus any 3*, 4*, 5* Heroes.

  1. I Favorite EVERY such hero immediately upon getting them.

  2. Putting a hero in a group automatically keeps them from being used so long as they stay in a group. When you remove them from a group, they are at risk the next time you feed heroes to any others.

Protect yourself in the future!

As for the loss of Elena, only SmallGiantGames can help you with this. Here is their support email: