Displaying the amount of ham in a farm and iron in a mine

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Idea *->When the ham/iron indicators pop up above the farms/mines, the indicator box should fill with yellow displaying the level of ham within the farm. Rather than displaying the yellow box when the farm is full, the box should should fill with yellow displaying the level of ham within the farm from empty to full.

This indicator will allow us to easily see the amount of ham in each farm, and we can prepare to empty the farm as it become fuller.

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I was actually just thinking about that today. My iron is full while I wait for a builder 1 to finish, but I want to know how much I have queued before deciding what to upgrade next so that I have enough for the next project for builder 2. Would be very helpful.

Exactly, hey can you vote for my idea pleasem

Thank you

Please, make indicators that shown amount of produced food and iron in Mines and Farms. For example after 8 hours not collected food from Farms I need to know that in my Farm I has 83k of 116k food /for Farm level 20/

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Hey I raised this idea a while back can you scroll up and hit vote.

Thank you.

I strongly agree,

Since the Stronghold dragon or Craft productions have their own countdowns, each Farm could also have an indicator on top of itself showing the fulfillment of its own capacity.

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