Display War Win Rate

Hi, all. Not sure if this is a possible idea; I was wondering if the game should display an alliance’s war win rate. This would serve two purposes.

First, the alliance can clearly see how it is doing and adjust strategies if needed.

Two, the win rate could be used for recruitment; and players can use it to decide which alliance to join.

Just an idea.

I would like to anyone may be able to see this at an alliance. I am subjective right now. My opponents will enter wars already terrified seeing my win rate is always 100% :rofl:

I said that I like the idea. Are you OK boy?

I would like to be able to see my own alliance’s win rate, but it should be optional whether or not I display that to the public.

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It would be a cool stat to see but I think it would hurt alliances with bad win percentages. And it would be hard for them to improve themselves since good players would likely avoid joining.

I would prefer if there was a war participation stat instead.


I agree with @JLB_ep on this issue. I personally believe that seeing a win rate will be used by some people to make hasty decisions and I believe this unfairly hurts the alliances who have lower rates, however I also think that players should be allowed to see the number of flags per war used. For example players a and b are both looking to join alliance x. Player a is hardcore and constantly uses all of his or her flags, while player b is more relaxed using around 4 to 5 flags per war when they can. If alliance x has a participation rate shown of 98% assuming occasional real life commitments that curb the players ability that would be an environment more suited to player a while player b would probably prefer to search for a different group of like minded players. Different people different preferences, but they each are better off finding a right alliance for them and alliances are one of the few things that keep a significant number of players, myself included, returning even after other disillusionment occurs.

I hope to hear other thoughts on this, but personally I think this is a good compromise that allows for the alliance to grow and still act as a unit.

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