Display our Personal War Score

Now that war histories are tracked on the player level (instead of the whole alliance) I think it would be fun and interesting to know what our score is. It would be nice to follow and could even provide another useful metric for recruiting.

Personally, I don’t have a preference for whether this might get displayed in our public profile, just to our alliance mates, or privately just to ourselves (see poll in Post #2). Our Max War Score might even be a fun addition to our private profile with things like Max Titan Hit and Longest Raid Streak.

Since the new war scoring system has been in effect for 4 months or so, and covered around 36 wars or so by my count, it should be more-or-less done with the transition period and present a fairly accurate representation by now - it has been live since the forced update on August 31, 2020.

Background posts:


Note: I did find a similar suggestion from two years ago, but it focused on just wanting to know the base points of each player from their heroes & troops; I’m asking here for our complete personal war score, with the win/loss component factored in (which wasn’t a thing on the player-level when the other request was made).

Follow-up question:

Would you rather see your Personal War Score displayed:
  • Publicly for all to see?
  • Only within your alliance?
  • Only privately to yourself?
  • Don’t care, anywhere is fine.
  • Don’t show my Personal War Score anywhere, I don’t want to know.

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Having it your bio would be alright. But a definite war score is hard to cover. Say I log on 3 teams left for clean up I’m like ok for the good of the alliance I’ll reset the board. Maybe I could get 6 one shots if it a fresh opportunity is there?
Think it could have bit of negative feel to diffrent alliances.

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Unless I misunderstand @mhalttu , it isn’t tied to our hitting performance/points earned, but to the final win/loss record.


while yes it would be nice if they show it

but you can actually figure this out yourself by screenshotting alliance’s current war score, opting out, waiting until you notice the score change(as little as a couple minutes, up to as long as 15 minutes…but typically 2-5 minutes) then screenshotting the changed score

subtract 2nd screenshot from the first and you have your individual war score


i wouldn’t do it during matchmaking or during a war

i won’t even do it during prep just cause SG is pretty bug happy…



same with alliance’s war score


That’s interesting, I hadn’t thought of that. A bit cumbersome, and like you said, a bit of a gamble if not done at the perfect time. But it would work :+1:

Still, considering that this figure is now calculated for us anyway, it would be nice to just have it available.


it works

did it for all 30 members one time when i was tryin to figure out the hero & troop values within individual war scores which would allow me to figure out the values in total alliance war score, which then i realized it would provide no help to me whatsoever and that the only things that could possibly come from it would maybe make it easier to determine mismatches or figure out more ways to manipulate war score…neither of huge help so i quit messin with it…did get extremely close though. if i recall i was like 100 points difference between my math and SG math

anyways…bunch of useless info there but oh well lol


Wasn’t it still on partial live trial?

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Those quotes from mhaltuu in November are the last info I’ve seen on the subject, but he seems to indicate that they’re satisfied enough to continue.

Have you seen any more recent news? It’s been 36 wars since the switch, how long would you think a sufficient trial might last? <–honest question, because I was thinking anything over 20 wars would be completely worked into the equation by now (because of the 20-war win/loss record that’s factored into war scores)


It seems to be fully implemented based on the change in description:



i do recall now that mhalttu mentioned adding it to the in game war score wording

forgot about that or would have said somethin sooner


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