Display of alliance war results // Ranking system

Would be nice to see a simple display of alliance war results for every alliance,

won 50 loss 50

…or better a full ranking system

won 50 loss 50 // alliance skill 5/10
won 100 loss 50 // alliance skill 7,5/10
won 100 loss 0 // alliance skill 10/10

or anything like that

If my son’s college baseball team is undefeated, does that make them better than the Boston Red Sox?

Comparing win:loss ratios doesn’t give you meaningful rankings. To do that you have to use something mething like the ELO rating system (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system) to predict how team X would perform against team Y even though they have never fought, given how they’ve done against other opponents that have faced off.

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While that may be true, some may rather join an AW winning alliance now just to fill war chest more quickly. :thinking:

Understanding this point.

Who says a display of win/loss or percentage figure of wins displayed has to be taken into account of any matching or scoring system.

I know @Rowdy suggested skill be a part of it but why does it need to be as that would prove nothing.

I started a thread that mentioned the same type of thing for raids and the only feedback I got was (it wouldn’t make a difference to anything) I result could just simply be a simple win percentage based on the number of in this case AW’s they fought only and displayed something like (47% wins ) and this goes for raids as well.

All this is about is a little acknowledgement for winning these things shown/displayed for others to see. Why does everyone keep thinking it has to do with displaying a person’s/players strengths.

A simple showing off which gives players something else to talk about in chat rooms and nothing more.

I’d like something as simple as: “Last 10 wars: X victories, Y defeats”.

As is said, no matter what system. Any system would be nice.
So just give it a vote pls?! :hugs:

I would, but I can’t. Votes on this forum are a stupid system. Also, one which is ignored. @Rowdy, don’t worry about votes.

Would be great if we could see the top defenders in war too—least defeated, and also most attacked to defeat ratio. It would help us learn better defense strategies over time.

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