Display monsters/enemies per level on the stage page

For the purpose of getting a better idea of what to expect when fighting a new stage in your current province and simplifying province-stage selection when filling monster chests, I think it would be benefical for this to be notated somewhere on the screen. For example if a province stage has 12 monsters, next to the word enemies “(x12)” could be added next to it.

Btw: sorry in advance if this has been requested before. I searched keywords in the search bar and the same request didnt show up for me

Hello Decorum,

did you ever notice that the amount of monsters is not fix? I play usually 7/4 to fill up my chest. This providence gives 12-15 monsters. As I guess it’s random devs cannot say in advance how many you can expect…

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I was going to say the same thing. On a few levels they are, but not the regular ones.

I’m wondering why on Challenge events we get the monster chart the monsters change color. After you be the stage for the first time and go to replay the same stage
Example: 1 stage first time playing
Yellow first round
Red second round
Boss Third round

then after you beat that stage and go to improve your score
the color monsters and rounds change randomly

Example- 1 stage Beat and playing again