Display glitch Nathalya's special

Hello @Petri, @Na.na, @Sara,

this is just a small glitch which occured two times to me so far.
I fired Nathalya’s Special but it was not shown on hitted oponent. I was wondering why I missed the attack but then saw that the DOT was made as normal. Next time I was farming, I wanted to make a video but this time everything was fine…a few fights later it happened again.
So onyl display glitch, nothing seriouse…maybe you can look into this before puplishing next update…


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Happens with Gravy’s special too.

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Hi @Sorsha! Thank you for the information.

When you encounter visual glitches in the game, please first try the following tips:

  1. Make sure you are running the latest operating system version and the latest game version on your device

  2. Free up your device memory by closing apps running in the background

  3. Increase your storage memory by deleting files/apps from your device you no longer need

  4. Restart your device

If the issue persists, kindly take screenshots/video and send a ticket to us with all necessary information. We will try our best to look into it and resolve the issue :smile:

Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding. Have a great day! :grimacing:

@Na.na, thanks for your kind reply. I got latest version and I got a new phone as X-mas present hence the space is nearly untouched.
As I got enough space I will try to make videos of every fight and see if glitch will come back.
Will update the topic in case I got a video for you :grinning:

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