Display active crit & mana bonus during battle

Hey developers,

It really would be nice if you could just add some output values. If I click a hero during battle I’d like to see the active crit chance and mana bonus (inherited from talent tree and troop bonus).

In battle you see the stats (atk, def) after troop bonus is applied. It would be almost no effort to display 2 additional values (crit chance and mana bonus)


@Fellow readers: Pls support my request by voting. ! :+1:t2:

You have my vote. It would be a great feature.


You have my vote as well…

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Thx mate…

I even forgot that there are family boni which add crit (Wonderland) or mana (Sakura)…so even more interesting.

@Petri Would be nice if this was considered…small effort needed.

you have my vote…!

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