Dispels vs. Removes Buffs



He crew!

I was helping a newer player assess Mnesseus and I was making comparisons to heroes I played with in the past as a Rare Hero player back then. I think I may have noticed this before but didn’t take a double take if you know what i mean. This scenario they were side to side.

i.e. Mnesseus: Disples bufffs from all enemies
i.e. Tyrum: Removes buffs from all enemies

SGG isn’t making a distinction between buffs be magical and not magical now are they lol??? I laugh but maybe they are?

Thanks - I’m posting the cards for easy look…

  • Razor

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I think the only difference is the new mini Caedmon hits a lot harder.


Some buffs cannot be dispelled, but can still be removed.

(They changed the wording recently to make this clearer. It should be in one of the recentish release notes.)

If that is how Tyrum’s card reads now (I don’t have one to verify), he can remove every kind of buff (except possibly the Alliance War stuff, but don’t quote me on that), whereas Mnesseus can remove only ordinary buffs.


Tyrum cannot remove buffs that can’t be dispelled such a elemental link.


Still doesn’t make any sense to me


So, is that an image from before the changed wording, or did SGG proofreader goof up?


Someone must have goofed, Tyrum does not dispell spirit link.


Appreciate you guys jumping in quickly on this!!!

This came about again because I was trying to help someone out with an assessment with Mnesseus being Anchor & Crew haven’t made an official post. - My assessment on card alone is “A”. Feel free to put your 2 cents in if you don’t mind. Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)


I was curious, so I checked the Daily Summon list.

Turns out Tyrum’s card has been updated since the capture Razor posted, and now says “Dispells buffs from all enemies”.

Which should explain it. :slight_smile:

Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)

EXCELLENT! That’s funny @Sidhekin because I’m hoping to do my overhaul this Saturday being EVERY single card got updated just with the POWER change alone. Thanks much for the follow up on this - very appreciated.