Dispelling the pig, did damage



  • The caster gets +45% attack, and a further 20% increase every time they or any of their allies are hit during 3 turns. When the effect ends, the caster deals 170 damage on all enemies. Each hit on the caster or their allies during the duration increases the damage by 12 to maximum of 314 damage.

Here is the wording on his special. Dispelling ends the effect and thus whatever damage is set at the time, hits all of your heroes.


:-1: dont like it …

It helps me more often than not because I don’t face the pig often, but use him a lot while raiding.

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However, if you kill Gullinbursti before the 3 turns is up, he won’t do damage. I guess killing him doesn’t “end” the effect lol

Death is the best equalizer, lol.


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