Dispel Minions

While we havent seen the final version of Red Hood yet, her beta skill IMO is really over the top. Casting minions too all and them protecting mana reduction means RH just makes heroes (Guin, Li, Chao, etc) whose only weapon is mana reduction obsolete. It is close to nerfing a hero.
Hopefully the final version of RH will put into consideration her skill impact to those heroes.
Or else later on SG will come up with a hero whose skill is Dispel Minions just to counter RH.
The ridiculous chain continues


They have a way to dispel minions, it’s called damage.


Yes you are right. I mean a skill like remove buffs which also remove minions. :slight_smile:

I’m kind of expecting a special just for that to show up one of these days, possibly in a HotM. Though maybe in another event hero. Red Hood actually seems to be designed as a countermeasure to Guinevere after all…