Dismantle big TC13 queue

My TC situation:

SH 20

A. TC 18, building to 19, will start build to 20 as soon as 19 is ready
B. TC 13, used as TC 13, with 125 days queue
C. TC 12, used as TC 11, with 47 days queue
D. TC 9, building to 10

I would like to get two TC 20 operational as soon as possible. I don’t care about TC 13 anymore, but what can I do with all the food and recruits?
My plan is to bring the D to TC 11, move the queue from C to D, and bring the C from TC 12 to TC 20
Is there a better option?

TC 19 will eat your recruits and food real fast :slight_smile:


Wait for your first tc20 to be completed first then reduce tc13 (a couple of trainings at a time so you dont lose food and recruits) and increase the trainings of your tc20.


I am very short of big heroes, I only have eight 4* (including triple Colen) and no 5*.
I wouldn’t know what to do with all those feeders, unless I get better heroes first.

Train some 3* heroes up for war / tournaments and challenges.

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Yes, this is pretty much the plan.

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Since you have 2 builders. Build A to 19. You’ll also need 1323k food, so probably 1330k food storage for the research. So once D is at 11; work on your food storage if needed with that second builder. Build A to 20. If waiting on food storage, just set A to train at 11 and/or 2. Don’t worry about training level 19; you don’t have the food to make that interesting yet, but if you don’t need feeders you can kill 8 hours by doing its research at this point if waiting on food storage (but beware that your food will build back up in time for 20 research). Transfer all trainings from C12 to D11. Build C up to become the second TC20 — with the second builder; during TC20 research first building priority is getting your recruit housing up to 102. When the TC20 research is complete, transfer all training from B13 to A20. You’ll need some extra food to move them, which you’ll get by transferring from B13 to D11 as needed. Don’t worry about having too many heroes in training camps; you really hardly have any. Good luck, and congratulations on being just weeks away from your first TC20 output. Mine was Nashgar!

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What 3* heroes do you have? Lacking anything better they’re good to train

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