"Dislike" button

More than once we need a way to show our disapproval of some comments here on forums. Of course we could sit down and write another comment expressing our feelings and thoughts about that, but sometimes we don’t have the time / energy to do it and a simple :-1: will do just fine… After all, we already have the “like” button.
Think of this post, if you don’t like this idea and don’t want to take the time to write an answer about the “cons” and why you think this shouldn’t be implemented, just hit the :-1: next to the :heart: and done!

I stand by that. We need one of this :-1:

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I witnessed this feature on another forum and it were removed shortly after the release due to his “toxic usage”.


Discourse.org is 3rd party software.

Their official response:


I am with @FraVit93. A dislike button would cause bad moods in the forum.

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