To this excellent analysis, I’d add that the human brain is horrible at estimating probabilities based just on experience. That’s why I always want data rather than opinions.

@ABCTeapot If your friend has actual data showing the details of their drops over time, I’d love to get a look at it. It takes a lot of data to have confidence in an answer, but it would be a great start. If they’re just offering an opinion anecdotally, I wouldn’t place much stock in it.


People if someone feels that something is unfair in this game that’s their right and should express it. Especially when it’s not something unreasonable. I do not get why some of you always attack some one cause they voice their opinion about this game. Maybe too you it’s ok to wait a year to ascend your hero’s but to others that’s too long. I see the same thing when people complain about not getting decent hero’s after spending money on this game and are quickly attacked for saying something about it. People if you have a complaint than complain if u have an opinion about improving this game than voice it don’t worry about these haters. They just like to argue

I do not have data. I made assumption by what I was told and what I have read and what I have seen. To be honest and say I respect the fact maybe I am just unlucky. I would hope my luck turns around for the better. Think maybe I could be wrong about it all together as there are multiple people with an abundance of ascension mats. Just for me I have assumed I thought I played an extended amount of time to feel comfortable making that accusation and obviously I was enlightened and maybe I need to play longer as Brobb is right and there is a very high variance of ascension materials.

And thank you for toning it down with me as I am still in the process of learning. I can honestly say im very far from learning all the tricks of the trade and knowing what I can and cant do with my roster.


People voice their opinions, i voice mine, fair is fair

And anytime i argue/debate with any player, it’s nothing personal

It’s a conversation, that’s it. Sure somtimes me or player I’m talking to crosses a line but eh not common enough for me to sweat it

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Like I said in my post above, keep doing what you’re doing and I think the mats will come. I genuinely wish you good luck. I hate waiting as much as the next person :slightly_smiling_face:

Rigs sorry that wasn’t meant for u. Your the one that is being attacked

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I’ve been playing 10-11 months and for the first 6 I got diddly for compasses. I dropped two. I managed to get two more from guaranteed chests I bought with gems. Now every 4-5* hero needs a compass so you can imagine my frustration. And that’s COMPASSES, not even tabards or tomes etc.

For the first 7-8 months one of my top 5 heroes was Bane. I even pulled 2 HOTM in those first 6 months and instead of waiting I used two of the compasses on them. Neither one is maxed yet.

Now I have seven extra compasses and no fine gloves. Go figure.

I play F2P and I presume you’re P2P but either way this game requires a LOT of patience.

Do not Ever purchase the ascension packs. It is a trap. Even on he off chance that you actually get something useful, it only speeds you toward the “Tome Wall.” It’s what the experienced players refer to when you have tons of ascension materials sitting in your inventory and Zero Tomes of Tactics or Damascus blades neither of which are available in the Ascension packs.


I have 16 Damascus Blades and 16 Tomes of Tactics. If you grind over time, ascension materials come.

You are right, though, that without grinding you’re likely to find that your progress eventually stalls when you can’t buy the AM you need.


That’s a worthwhile idea but I don’t think it’s consistent with experience. I personally have gone through very long dry spells (many months long) when ascension materials seemed almost to have vanished, and insanely fruitful periods when in a day or two I collected fistfuls of three and four star materials. I get the impression from the forum that other players have had the same experience.

(That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t test your theory. Testing theories is good.)


Let’s be clear: now you’re introducing a new idea. I think we can say with confidence that players not hitting Titans are penalised by losing opportunities to collect good Titan loot. We would expect them to collect fewer acsension materials than players who maximise their opportunities by hitting Titans. You are suggesting something else, perhaps - either that there is some sort of reduced chance of drawing ascension materials from other chests, if you choose not to hit Titans, or that the loss of Titan rewards is balanced by an increased collection rate from other sources.

Either way, that seems outlandish to me. I suppose it wouldn’t be too hard to compare the ascension material collection of Titan-hitters to the AM collection of those who don’t hit Titans, but isolating all other influencing factors would be insanely difficult. I might be misunderstanding your idea, here, but I’m not convinced this one really requires investigation.

This is another new idea, and another one that seems to have a simple answer (yes, by not opening war chests). Testing whether there is any greater impact, war chests aside, would seem to face the same challenges as testing the war participation theory: how could we isolate other influencing factors? Again, I find this idea a bit outlandish: do we have any reason to suppose players are penalised (or rewarded) for non-participation in wars, war rewards aside? Not really, right? So it seems like a random and slightly weird idea to focus on.

Still, I think your first theory was an interesting one that might benefit from some investigation. I’m going to reword it here - please tell me if I’ve got it about right:

Hypothesis: Players receive roughly the same quantity of ascension materials regardless of how many chests they open.

Over what time period? A week is obviously too short. Two years is obviously too long.

Over a month, then? (I feel like our collective experience says this can’t be true, but I’m happy to be guided by you.) But why does the number of chests opened matter? Aren’t you suggesting that ascension material drops are roughly constant, regardless of the number of chests opened?

There might be something here that we can investigate collectively, but I think a bit more effort needs to go into refining the proposition and the methodology before we start anything.

@ABCTeapot, I sided with you on the ascension mats rate, but I must say you talk like someone that has little understanding of how this game works… that is understandable when, after only three month of gameplay, you find your self with more 5* heroes than you’ll be able to ascend in an year… It’s totally different for me. I got materials to ascend some 5*'s but no 5* to ascend…

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Once again, another good topic turned sour through endless bickering. I gave up reading halfway through and began to wonder where the moderators have disappeared to. So, I will lend my worthless two cents and leave. I am cheap to play (spending a small set amount each month for entertainment value) and I have been playing for 15 months. Through a ton of grinding (4-6 times each day) and some luck, I currently have 10 maxed five star heros and 30 maxed fours. Getting and maxing heros is very possible for anyone willing to spend a great deal of time in this game. And for “my” record, I too noticed a decrease in random rare item drops after the Summer event, but those rates seemed to return to normal with the Christmas event. (Now, on to another topic.)

You do realize this is not a job for them and they also get bored with these sort of rants.

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SG had been kind to me for the last 4 days.
Three 7* titans killed by alliance. Loot list includes a damascus blade, a warm cape and a royal tabard.

Btw, had been playing for the past 4 months and so far, only Quintus and Gormek was levelled to tier 3 and 4 respectively.
I badly need a compass.


If you can complete the upcoming Pirates event on the Epic level, a Compass awaits you :slight_smile:

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I spend too much on this game, mainly for the ascension materials.
I like the grind. It slows the game down and stops the pay to win.
If you want pay to win there are others games for that, which I left.

Consider it pay to accelerate.

I also enjoy waiting for a telescope. Frustrating yes, but I deserve it as I am spending faster than the mats appear.

This is good,

Although I accept the grind which this game has us do and accept the daily chest rewards the way they are I tend to agree that that the War chest after having put in alm the effort of winning wars and getting an allience to work as a team and coordinate them that the war chest could offer better rewards than it does.

I myself haven’t received a mat in this chest from the last 2 war chests with a few in my allience the same. I am sure assuring at least 1 mat with the odd 2 would encourage many more players.

Having said that I also have stopped spending for summons as I need that many mats with to complete what I have and based on what I have received up to date with the current drop rate that the heros I have waiting may be there for another 12 months, I have no encouragement to try for more heros knowing they will only sit there going nowhere.

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