.. disgusted and disappointed

That is totsl BS and let my statr it politeky: you dug your own grave.

@PlayForFun and other beta testers informed us here on the forum about the new Master Emblems and the possibility, that golden emblems may substitute for them. If you do not read it, your own fault. The beta testers do this game and foremost the community a big favor and its not ok to attack them for their knowledge they share with us here!

I was able to save feeder troops and level my troops fsst because I read about it here. Unfortunately I got no golden emblem in the last half half year and those few got are all used.

Happy gaming


How do beta testers have ANY ADVANTAGE !?

All information is posted on this forum almost same time when any new stuff arrives for beta testing by @PlayForFun ….and many fellow players discuss that topic which helps understand things … for the larger community.

  • Updating self, is your responsibility.

Take frustrations elsewhere & learn to be respectful bcoz, no one owes anything to anyone…. Especially people like you.

Finally, what stops you from becoming a beta tester to enjoy, whatever that advantage you think is !?


It’s an admittedly small advantage of having both a potential experience and discussion in beta in addition to being able to access the discussion in forum.

Same here. All the same, we should still be able to redeem all consumed emblems to still be able to access the full 250 emblems or a golden emblem used for learning a 20th node.


If they allowed a return of emblems as pledged, I don’t think there would be a problem.

Not really sure what you think happened I got all y emblems back.

Issues is the game is ridiculously imbalanced
Now they are trying to hid power by not labeling it correctly



Said I’d post some more. Regretting it but I try to stand by what I say.

Really don’t care.

They have the power to fix things or not.

Pretty sure they don’t want too

I stayed up all night instead of to replay leveles to try to get a higher score like I used too.

Just to try to finish

And didn’t

This rate they can just watch everyone be sad and leave.

I don’t even think they care they get their pay from the 10 percent and ridiculing the ones that tried hard from the “lucky” lower to no spenders that have certain hero’s to finish things. So they got it all set.

Just gonna be sad for a lot of the high-spenders when it’s only them left they don’t like playing eachother. They’d have to learn to tile lol. Ugh

Oh and to answer your other question yes I tried ludwig … although I admit it’s a stupid idea to a reflect purple event. But I tried all my mono teams. And then some mixed. 4:1 rainbow my best yelloe red mix. Yeah they can shove the event.


Yeah, it’s a bit annoying that things like master emblems come for sale.

I’m past the point of caring. I cup drop, I don’t aim to finish too high in events, I just play this game to pass the time. This game is just how it is, I don’t expect it to change.

I used to care more, but… yeah :slight_smile: I just find fun playing the game casually.

I do understand your frustration though. Hope the game still holds some fun for you


I got just beyond that point I guess … I dunno. I’m still here. We will see. Thank you. Hope you don’t get to where I am.


Using Golden emblems as a substitute for Master emblems is a great idea as it provides players who don’t spend as much with a chance to upgrade their Heroes to Talent Grid 25 without having to wait for the specific Master emblem of their class. While it’s unfortunate that not all players may have access to these Golden emblems, it’s important to remember that everyone’s gaming experience and resources are different.

I don’t understand why you’re so upset about the game changing. Change is a natural part of the game’s evolution. If the game doesn’t change, it will stagnate and lose its appeal. The developers likely want the game to thrive and be successful. It’s important to realize that the game’s primary goal is to generate revenue, not necessarily to make you happy. While you may have enjoyed the game more in the past, those days are gone. Unless you can find a new reason to enjoy the game, you may continue to be unhappy with it. It’s common to feel this way, and there are likely many other players who share your sentiments.

Progression is necessary in games, and power creep is often a part of that progression, as seen with newer Heroes being more powerful than previous ones. However, it’s important to address concerns about maintaining balance and not letting power creep get out of hand. If you feel strongly about this, you can take action by organizing a group to voice your concerns to the game developers. You can suggest ideas like deleting or balancing new overpowered Heroes and advocating for a return to the older style of gameplay. By presenting a united front and articulating your reasons clearly to the developers, there’s a chance they may consider making changes to address the community’s feedback and concerns. It’s worth trying to initiate constructive dialogue with the developers rather than just feeling frustrated or resigning to the situation.


Glad you’re still here, I really enjoy having you here :slight_smile: and I hope you are getting enough joy from other parts of life :slight_smile:

Thank you also for your kind wishes.

Ok let’s just set this straight the way it is please.

Making an old material that ppl had laying around valuable is not a bad idea. Unless it’s a material that was primary only obtainable by high spending.

Let me also make this clear.

While I realize that buying pov and pog is standard practice and some people don’t even count it as spending (yes I’ve hear people tell me they are f2p when they buy it calling it a subscription and they don’t buy anything else )

Again panda don’t care what people spend or don’t spend. Yes a little tweeked by ppl calling themselves things that they aren’t but yet I’m telling you I’m a panda so here we are. Back to the point.

Anyone regularly buying the pog is not “a player that does not spend as much” … most people in this economy cannot afford the pog which is where they were and are.

Ok so most higher spenders bought it anyway had them laying around because they also bought emblems already and didn’t need their golden ones.

So no it’s not good not balanced nor will I ever believe it was INTENDED That they are used for it.

I believe they couldn’t figure out how to program them not to and they have just added it to their completely not giving a crap about the state of the game. Which btw makes more sense since it’s older.

Just a dumb idea because a lot of us are still here for now trying to get through. We do spend we do not spend what “some” consider a small amount (dear gawd) but it’s something and if they lose all of us there will be no one for the bigger spenders to beat up and they will lose more money in the end.


It’s not. Most of my Golden Emblems have come from drops, even though I do buy the PoG but the 3 Golden emblems you get from PoG is hardly an advantage. I’ve received multiple legendary tomes of golden emblems as did many spenders and non-spenders alike.

Don’t know where you live, but making a blanket statement that most people can’t afford $20 when they spend that and more on non essential things all the time is a bit dishonest.

You can believe it, but that doesn’t make it true. They definitely could have put in requirements to activate those talent nodes any which way they wanted. It’s definitely intended to be the way it is.

I get you’re upset about it, but from my point of view preventing non-spenders for utilizing their collected golden emblems would only make spenders buy more :poop: while leaving non-spenders and those that spend a little from time to time at a larger disadvantage leaving you in the same place of discontent.

I’m glad they’ve decided to go with the golden emblems for these as well and many spenders and non-spenders alike get to take advantage of the ones they have.


That’s not the avg player.

And … wake-up call. Most people cannot afford 20 dollars a month things they need let alone some loot from pog.

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Like I said, don’t know where you live, but that’s far from the truth. If you have data to show this, I’d gladly take a look at that over some anecdotal statements.


Use your google.

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None of that says anything at all. 65% of those didn’t tell you why they live paycheck to paycheck, how much of that money is spent on items they don’t need such as a bigger house or newer/bigger cars, few extra pairs of shoes they will barely ever wear, eating out daily, and the list goes on.

In not saying that there aren’t plenty of people that struggle, but taking a number without any context at all and attaching your own context to it is a bit dishonest.

Anyways, we can agree to disagree but making golden emblems not useable for the higher talents would have a worse effect for non-spenders/low spenders than spenders. And that’s selfish.


I mostly rely on the ancient art of chest-opening and mystical summoning rituals to gather my emblems. If you’re feeling a bit green-eyed about my golden emblem luck, don’t worry—I can share some of my secret chest-tapping techniques with you! Who knows, maybe you just need to perform a special dance while summoning to boost your luck! Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone summons a legendary chicken hero!

If those golden emblems weren’t originally intended for their current use, it could be a slip-up or a digital hiccup. But hey, while it lasts, why not milk it like a secret cheat code waiting to be uncovered? Consider it a fleeting advantage until the tech wizards patch things up in the next update. It’s a bit puzzling why some folks are in a tizzy about it when they could view it as a lucky break. Perhaps if this twist hadn’t occurred, someone might have pitched the idea of converting golden emblems into master emblems. It’s a curious dance of perspectives; you might have been bouncing off the walls with excitement over that prospect!

Developers are like magicians pulling tricks behind the curtain, aiming to fill their digital top hats with coins. They’re masters of the monetization realm, where the player’s joy sometimes takes a back seat to the jingle of cash registers. It’s a classic business dance where smiles fade once the payment is made. In the world of mobile games, it’s as if developers are the puppeteers, pulling strings to make wallets open and coins flow. Their ultimate goal? To turn players into paying patrons, changing the tune once the coins hit the digital till.

Are you trying to climb the competitive ladder? Well, if you’re aiming for the top spot, you might be in the wrong game room! If that’s a tough pill to swallow, maybe consider splurging some cash. If that’s not your style, embrace the lower tiers and have a blast there. Perhaps that realm suits you better! Remember, reaching the very top isn’t for everyone. And hey, trying to get through shouldn’t feel like trying to pay rent!

If all the free players vanish into thin air, the big spenders will have to resort to challenging each other to epic battles of credit card supremacy! Your defeated tone might strike a chord with folks here, even if I’m immune to such woes. It’s a sentiment shared by many, just with different emojis. It’s like going from being the high school sports hero to the college benchwarmer, only to end up as a professional athlete warming the bench with a heated cushion. Time to adapt or start decorating that bench with your personal touch!

If we were evenly matched, I might skip facing you—I prefer a challenge that makes me sweat through my digital jersey! Give me those odds where victory seems like a distant dream, like a 90/10 or even a 99/1 chance of winning! That’s where the thrill kicks in, trying to crack the code of the impossible. We might not share the same competitive fire, and that’s cool. It’s all about understanding that players march to different drumbeats. If you’re not feeling the heat of competition, it’s no fair pointing fingers at those who crave it like a gamer craves pizza at 2 am!

Let’s dive into the magical world of synergy, where heroes form dream teams to outwit their foes like chess grandmasters on a digital battlefield. It’s not just about having beefy heroes; it’s about orchestrating a symphony of skills and tactics that sing in perfect harmony. These games are a playground for strategic minds, not just muscle-flexing. Instead of living in the past, embrace the art of evolving your strategies for a more thrilling ride. Progression is the lifeblood of any game, keeping it fresh and exciting. Even if you take a breather, the game will keep on growing as long as players, especially the big spenders, keep the virtual economy buzzing. Big spenders hunger for challenges against formidable foes to sharpen their skills and rise to new heights. This game is a journey of self-improvement and triumph, especially when you reach the endgame showdowns.


I couldn’t have said it better …well formuliert

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Just taking that top quote…

65% of 498 adults in a country with what, 300 million?

That’s not representative at all. Practically meaningless.

This game attracts players with expendable cash. Not rich, just with expendable cash. Huge number of vC2p or c2p.


And there are 25 golden emblems for sale now . Thats 5 more 5 star that could max out the nodes

I have no intention of intervening in this debate at all, but this is a statistics point:

A sample of that size should have an error of +/- 4% at 95% confidence level, for a population of 345 million…

…which in English means “unless you rolled a natural 1 on your d20 when you were making your Statistical Sampling check, the result should be within ~4% of the outcome you get”.

It can feel counterintuitive, but think of it this way: there’s a chance that random people you select will be unrepresentative of the population as a whole, but the more people you select, the more unlucky you need to be for the results to be total garbage.

As long as a your sampling method is good, and you genuinely are sampling randoms (not, for example, sampling people willing do to online surveys for cash…) then 498 isn’t a dreadful sample.

(p.s. it’s possible that some participants in some of the recent squabbling may be younger and more emotionally invested than grumpy old b*ggers such as you or I)