[Discussion] Version 35 Release Notes

What about the Alfrike bug? When will this one be addressed?


It took them >1 year to fix that bug affecting heroes like Ursena and Kage. Let’s hope that Lady Loki will take much less time

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Great improvements coming up, that’s really cool.

I’ve used the harvesters to try them out and honestly they really don’t offer better rewards as they reward you at the lower end of the scale. Example in s1 P12/S7 which I farm à lot I usually get 7 to 10 recruits and when using the harvester I have never gotten more than 12 and the crafting items rewards are not much better either.

Not very impressed with this idea though as it will dramatically decrease the chances of getting 5* heroes, has the % in the summons portal of these trainers been posted yet?

I feel this will really add to my already deminished amount of sommons but further more truly offer an added reason as to why not to spend anymore money on summons.

I wonder how many players had this problem that it became an issue that needed urgent attention, lol,
Although honestly ever one player would of paid a daily wage of at least 1 employees wages, lol, so really I guess it was urgently required as next time he may just pay 2 employees daily wage, LOL.

All in all generally overall this v35 update I feel will become the most welcome new update to date.

Nice going SG

The raid formation used should be noted, hopefully, by way of highlight, as shown in some beta videos. I suppose players can reroll for options. But I agree that this limitation is not fair to players without HA, since they would not be raiding or even revenge-raiding on an equal platform. So yeah, I would think this new feature would cause more imbalance within the game.

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Was this a bug in the software or in the player?

They announced in the bug thread that the promised fix would not be in V35. Now promised for V36. I’m not holding my breath…


Scrolling though the hero roster feels smoother now. Thanks for that !

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Based in the release notes Harvester relics now work in Season 2 and Season 3 but the effect doesn’t stack with Atlantis Rises. @Guvnor any ideas why the item information is referring as well for Valhalla Forever? In theory won’t stack due to Valhalla Forever don’t increase the loots %

Needs to be clearer. When you click on a harvester it’s should beam “THIS WILL NOT WORK DURING ATLANTIS RISES” in huge font onto your wall.

Even then people will use them and come on here to complain “it wasn’t very obvious, you can’t expect people to actually read things”


Low diamond is the new upper platinum

Probably means the item harvester and omnia harvester won’t increase the loot from the gnomes who drop not only coins but items as well

Mmm not sure, I see the same information/restriction in all the harvester (food, iron, recruits) it’s a shame they don’t allow them to be used in Valhalla Forever. I was very excited about it

Undocumented change?


Gimme back my big bold team power! :yum:

Only the Season 1 three and four star rates are decreasing. This is a clear win.

The one exception to the clear win.

This is great for older players that already have as many season 1 rare and epic heroes as they want.


Just my 2 cents, but i performed significantly worse in this portal during beta (event legendary wise) then any other portal in 3 years.

I will not try my luck on this one for sure.
I’ve got 5 times more S1 legendary then event out of 3000 pulls or so.

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The information about enemy formation comes right below this “Team Power” text, so it had to be made smaller.

I thought they decided not to give the stat bonus to villians during the Villians event. Did I miss something?

Maybe it was score bonus, not stat bonus what they removed.
From my point of view I can understand that they want to make event heroes more desirable, so stats bonus and avoid elemtal barrier, makes it.
But score bonus was too much…

I think it’s the first time I see SG reconsider after unanimous feedback from beta.

I can see a small heart behind SG’s big wallet


yup, it was the score bonus they removed… stat bonus remains…

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When is v35 roiling out for iOS?

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