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Thanks, but no problem, were only three tokens. Will get enough of them before next PoV starts.

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Nice idea,
but for me its more important to get as many HotM as possible. Got 11 out of the last 14, and did not summon in the months where Bertila and Balbar were featured, cause I dont liked them. The only way a f2p can be halfway competitive.

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You have a system and it works.
After playing with this hotm id probably say he is the strongest in the last year, and even stronger when used with himself. I personally would try for a duplicate in your position… but based on my own playstyle and preferences which are probably very different to yours

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate your uncommon approach to some very niche heroes. I leveled Elradir because of your posts, and he is quite useful on my defense.

My playstile relies heavy on mono, because most of my heroes lack the firepower to be decisive going against 4700-5000 defense teams.
So I usually use only one hero of a certain kind except damage dealers, in my color stack:
Healer, dispeller, defdown, 2x damage dealer.
9 tiles I win, 7 tiles I win most of the times, less will be difficult…

Happy gaming

Just so you know therr are non heavy hitting alternatives to mono :slight_smile:

I don’t get it. Will the element link from Devana be refreshed when I cast Uraeus‘ special?

Will a second Devana refresh the link from the first Devana?

Or will Frosth refresh the previously casted link from Devana?

And what’s the point?

Please enlighten me :slight_smile:

Earlier if you casted an elemental link wihich gives you for example +5% attack and + 5% defense for X turns, and 2-turns are elapsed from it, and you casted another hero’s special which has got exactlz the same elemental link, then the remaining turn count was stayed at X-2.
So the elemental link aspect of the secondly fired hero was useless.
Now the turn count goes back to the original X turns.
So it is “refreshed”.


Makes sense. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Still haven’t got any updates🤔

The update is still not available for all. Normally there will be an additional post stating that the update is now available for all and the forced update will happen shortly after.

Until then it’s completely normal to not have the update.

Be patient and I’m sure you will soon have the update. Till then I can tell you, you don’t miss much…


And an additional update is pushed today because of a bug:


So the Soul Exchange is down to only once? Did we know that already??

You can only do 1 exchange. Frequency of SE is not known yet. It is unlikely to be a once-only event. How often ? SGG has to decide then announce.

The first SE on 28 Feb is like a global beta. SGG will decide based on response ti the 28 Feb SE.


I see where you’re coming from, but I’m withholding judgement for one specific reason: that could be how they’re balancing a lower cost per exchange, which IS something dang near everyone wanted.

F2P and C2P weren’t going to be able to do more than one exchange per year or maybe quarter anyway, so cutting down to one per event is nothing lost for them.
Then, if they did lower the cost, F2P & C2P will still have lost nothing, but P2W won’t be able to exchange to get 3x as many of the choicest heroes (that they didn’t already have).

In other words, I’m hoping this means that I’ll be able to afford 3 exchanges over 3 events, rather than 1 exchange over those same three events.

We’ll see if my optimism is validated in about a month.


They released it in Puzzle Combat this week as well and it worked fine despite the fact that I had the equivalent of EHT’s and ETT’s stored.

It was just the equivalent of grey tokens that had to be empty for the option to show up. Not sure why it isn’t working here yet but it didn’t work for me either in E&P.


Does anyone have any knowledge of when the forced update for v.45 will come through? My alliance has just filled our war chest, and with the new potential tomes prizes it seems prudent to wait to open it.

Probably tomorrow (just a guess) , as the update is already available for all.

You can just wait, you won’t open the next war chest immediately, so you have enough time.

That’s the plan! Thanks, @ferg!

Forced update should be finished now, do you check to see if the extra summon work?

It works. And if you have silver token(s), you have to use them all up in order to see it. The really annoying thing is when it says “No add available”. That seems to be incurable at the moment.