Discussion V45

Here to discuss the new release V45

Although I like most changes, once again a slap into the face.
Why fix the lag during the myth titan. A few already attacked with the lag, those who update before they attack don’t get the lag.
I really don’t understand that…


thanks for starting.

I’m a little pleased at some of the quality changes. New free summon – a positive for all, more ad revenue for SG, more feeders/troops for us.

Soul Exchange, a positive for those with dupe 5* and the roster slots to hold them all… I fed many of mine away a long time ago because I didn’t want to spend 300 gems for extra slots for dupes that may never have a purpose… meh, oh well. this has been discussed elsewhere so I won’t get into that here

Balance adjustments — element link durations refresh with every cast, therefore giving more upside to using multiple HOTM from same family.

Non-Corrosive/corrosive overrides, ok we have to think a bit more about whom we cast first. I don’t have any corrosive ailment heroes anyway, so I can forget that bit for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Element link buffs that target a specific element can stack… interesting… again I don’t have enough heroes where this will really come into play for me, good for those that do…

Happy to see some QoL fixes.

quickly scanned the specific-hero fixes, and I don’t have any of them except C-Frank anyway, so not much that I need to store in my overburdened brain at least!


I thought the changes only go live as soon as ALL players had the chance to do the update?

By then, MT should be gone already ^^

Or am I missunderstanding something?


Came here looking for the missing ‘slider’ in the training camp/alchemy lab/etc…

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  • Yunan’s Costume no longer looks tiny in PvP battles

This one … always gives me a chuckle. :rofl: Now to find a costume yunan to fight to see if it has really been fixed!


Was hoping to make multiple swaps in the soul exchange but reading the announcement it sounds like one exchange per event?

“an exchange can only be made once per event!”


I had one early and he was normal sized

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Rollout has started. It takes a few days for update to reach everyone.

By then MT should be over.

No, only big changes which are announced separately go live at a specific time after the update is forced.
Smaller changes and fixes are live as fast as you update.

So everyone updating before myth Titan ends can do all their attacks without lag.
People who already made their attacks before they update or who don’t get the update at all before the Titan ends will play with the lag.


This one (epic golden emblems) is the only thing that will be available for all at the same time, the rest works when you make the update.


I hope it applies by default to the bonus from Hero of the Month Families

I would say, hotm family bonus is the main reason for this change…

Yes but they still insist on the “elemental” wording should be something like “elemental/allies” or something

Yeah they could change the wording maybe, but Element link is just the name.
After the update it should work fine using 2 different heroes with the same link and instead of wasting the second one you reset the timer when you fire it, just like with every other buff.

And I especially like that now there can be more element links active at the same time, with protection against one element.

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Totally agree not so much with the Raven wolf family :face_with_hand_over_mouth: as I do not own them but meet them in battles

I don’t see an update option in the Google playstore. Any advice on how to update it?

Just wait.
It will be available in the next few days…


Yeah why only one? They pick the roster AND we can only do one exchange? Unexpected change and in the wrong direction. Makes me wonder if they also adjusted the number of required heroes up as well.

I’m pretty sure no one provided that as feedback. :rofl:

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Shu, Wei & Wu?! Really? Is this the best you could come up with for kingdom names?

To be honest, they didn’t come up with those names…


Don’t think that’s a real problem. Perhaps, for a very small, tiny even, number of players with an insane number of 5* doubles, counting in the hundreds. Regular players will be done very quickly exchanging their owned doubles and once their years long gathered doubles are gone, it will take month to gather more for a new exchange. Me, myself, have about 30 of them, a bit more perhaps, including the 3/70 ones. I’m also serioisly comsidering adding maxed Zulag for exchange, as I actually never used her after the first few test runs…