Discussion: Schedule Changes for Events (October 2021 Onwards)

Which is a pity because AR farming makes more pulls worthwhile.

Without mats for fast feeders, leveling is too slow.

Ngl, I’m still referring to ToL as the feeders portal, but the choice to have it alternate with a portal where majority of the people who are tired of S1 heroes might have some moderate buff to their heroes since they can’t get anything new with the 12 other portals that’s also overpopulated with S1 feeders is gross.

What else; I still think it was pretty ■■■■■■■ stupid to have a Costume Chamber for S1 costumes only and THEN introduce costumes for non-S1 heroes and put them OUTSIDE the very portal meant for costumes only. Just flood every portal with a chance of getting a costume then? Also AR is still better than VF but I guess screwing players who are doing Atlantis their first time and shortening the span of time for them to even pull is definitely worth it.


Having the new Alliance Quest start unexpectedly without announcing it on the schedule and during war matchmaking: Rude!


What’s the downside to announcing it during war matchmaking?

They easily could have stated it earlier.

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Agree. It would have been proper business etiquette to release news ahead and not just 24 hours ahead. At least give heads up to the volunteer calendar makers.

Over in forum, It was unofficially expected once V42 was released.

There was only one other opening this month : this week. Starting either Wednesday or Thursday.

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Some people are temporarily in alliances for one reason or another and go to larger alliances for events, mythic titan etc. most of my alliance is that way. We only have 7 members with 5 active players.

2 of us woke up before the match process was complete and managed to scramble into alliances that will at least be able to open legendary alliance event tier. 3 got stuck locked into war with war chest at 24/25.


Yeah I hear about such things and I wonder what the reason is? I’m not being sarcastic but genuinely curious.

In almost 2 years I’ve only been in two alliances and I see absolutely no reason to leave the one I lead that I’ve been in since one month into the game.

But it seems many people like to go out and constantly change alliances. I just don’t get it but hey I don’t know everything :relaxed:


Some of my old alliance mates went to sub alliances to fight wraker titans while restocking battle items.

Real life! If people have vacation, a tough week ahead in work etc. they drop into an alliance in our family with lower requirements for a spell. We have three alliances in our alliance family with 6 alt accounts we can flex to fill in with titan help in the highest alliance. This time we got caught unaware and it looks like 4 accounts are in the wrong places- which means our main will have to press extremely hard to finish in the top 1000 alliance tier.

Yeah our alliance is about teaching and we have a range of levels of players. If we don’t have enough battle items for a Titan we just don’t use battle items. Personally I play challenge event levels once and my score is my score. And it’s just our group we don’t have a whole system of alliances, all this stuff is why I never wanted to try to go into the top levels of the game. I don’t want to have to worry about that stuff or exactly timing war hits and all. If some people enjoy that it’s great they can be really strategic but I like keeping it more like a game.

Personally Atlantis Rises does not do it for me as much as Valhalla Forever. I farm both but Valhalla Forever has better rewards as we progressed. I think the game is evolving to entice the higher tiers to go harder!!! No biggie

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I don’t care about Atlantis Rise duration, I can still use 20 flasks in 2 days. What I don’t like is the costume chamber featured schedule getting delayed and the frequency and therefore key rate dropped.


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