Discussion: Schedule Changes for Events (October 2021 Onwards)


  • 12 free pulls a year in Costume Chamber (instead of 24)
  • shortened Atlantis farming
  • and to sum up this year SGG gift to F2P players - just 5 new attainable (and pretty mediocre, no game changing) 4* heroes from Season 4: Rokkamush, Mack, Zila Lei, Tettukh, Griffin. Every other 4 star hero was event one, behind the paywall
  • yes, look up again, 5 new heroes in 2021 for F2P players who already finished S2 and S3 earlier
  • number of last 2 weeks affairs exceeded the corresponding number in whole 2020: i.e. ToM-payToFinish-gate, buff-gate, look up for another two

Just vote with your wallet. I hope SGG don’t make even 25% of revenue they target for last three months of 2021.


Nope. I’m too lazy to do maths now, but if you keep run AH10 perpetually without gen speeding, you’ll have 52 retrain in a year, so very roughly 2 non S1 and 2 costumes. And 2 shots a year with a base of 19 heroes is waaay to low

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At this moment we can receive Costume keys from several places like elemental chests, mv, etc. As this event will be alternated by ToL, I am wondering, if tavern’s coins will be back available for free as well. For sure we can expect fancy offers for loot tickets and WE flasks, before or during AR - that is the worst change.

I voted bad all because of costume chamber. TOL shd be reduced to just 24hrs…it’s more than enough time.

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i think in this case you should be consequent and replace s1-heros in the events too.

AR shorting has always happened when s4 come out me Nervicii and guvnor was trying to make it more player friendly in the calendar…
Was bascially told AR is old and the new stuff is what the players want.
Even though we’d guess more players would rather farm AR then VF.

As for events I do save for them as other players do. But if costumes are going to come out for these old ones I’d rather new ones come around now Least gives time.

ToL was too long anyway… Shorten Tavern of Legends in favor of restoring Atlantis Rises farming time (poll in post #2)


So let’s see. Take away some of Atlantis. Less easy items and resources. check. Less costume events, means less free keys and summons. check.

Add newer events rather than old. More people will summon. Well, the ones that spend at least. More money. check.

So, ftp just got kicked in the groin. Whales get more of what they want. Sounds like a win…for SG!


so assuming Tower events are going to happen monthly now, we have Tower, Challenge Event, and Mythic Titan on a monthly cycle. combined with the reduced Atlantis time every month, and competitive event players are going to have to pick and choose which events to compete in.

guess it’s time for me to start leveling troops.


About Shorten the period of Atlantis Rise that’s not a good Idea , only Atlantis give me the chance to gather mats so I can compete in events by Shorten the period means i can’t make items for Monthly events & MT.

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They just used different date format. 18.11 = Nov 18

So now you can have more time to save coins for ToM :relaxed:

It will be fixed in V42:

Yeah, I read the same there, where they admitted that they made a mistake in Atlantis as it gives too good loot, and they will never change Valhalla Forever.

Anyway I agree with you.
Atlantis Rises should not be shortened :frowning:


Regarding farming on monthly events it could hurt without one flag stages. From other perspective I like 10 stage events (30 in total) much more than 15/45 one. It gives much more time for replay stages for better score or coin- chests. So my personal opinion it’s change for better.

I wonder, would people prefer shorter Atlantis as is, or a longer one but with the same rules as VF, with just the reduced cost?

I p2p and very unhappy about these changes. I do understand some of them but changing at the last minute is frustrating for me. I have been saving gems for wonderland and don’t think I’ll be pulling in Starfall, I find it unappealing.

Well look on the bright side, they are making room for more playable content. Good no?

We just had Starfall and Slayers. We haven’t had Pirates or Wonderland since last year.

We just had Slayers last fricken month. And shorter Altantis…smh


I prefer a long Atlantis with improved loot.

Whenever something make the user base happy, they think “oh, this is too good for them, let’s break it”.

It’s like they’re getting bankrupt because the player base is not investing any money in the game…


SG must’ve noticed that there wasn’t a lot of pulls made during Grimforest. I think that was the last old challenge event we had.