Discussion: Schedule Changes for Events (October 2021 Onwards)

imo, the Villains were just never that great to begin with, so Starfall, Slayers, and Magic heroes just made them look even worse by comparison.

i’m just going to try to go back to my old method of summoning until i get HotM. it worked really well in June and July, then August and September, i got carried away. hopefully i get the next HotM using only my saved up EHTs during Return to Morlovia and then i can stash away the rest of my summoning items. the pace of release makes keeping up difficult for sure.

Is anyone else as frustrated as I am with these “sudden changes” to the calendar without any warning? The calendars themselves now have ??? Because no one knows what the ACTUAL events are going to be. Are they replacing old with new? At least tell the players what’s going on so they can plan accordingly. Myself, I was looking forward to Riddles of Wonderland, as anyone can guess by my name and not to mention my Alliances name. I’ve been saving gems to prep for today’s ROW pulls, but now it’s Starfall? When we were originally told that Starfall was to be a yearly event? What gives? Feel free to add any information or frustration you all feel. Even if it’s about other “missing” events or the fact that Small Giant is adding too much too fast just to get their money grab back in full swing!


Overall not bad. Just too much too fast for me. Really hoping Riddles of Wonderland isn’t gone for good as I’ve been saving up gems for months in anticipation of what I thought was a scheduled event. Outside of liking ninja troops, I don’t mind that they replaced ninja tower with magic tower. I like starfall but not if it’s here to replace Wonderland.

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All the calendars you see are fan made based on guesses and patterns.

Until SG announces things nothing is official.


@Guvnor and @Petri

Problem Found

SG released two different announcements. One predicts Legends this month and the other Legends in November. Both are official SG channels.


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They want to cut AR by 1 day and then don’t want to fix their crappy VF event which is arguably the worser event of the two. Fix Valhalla first before you talk about shortening atlantis please…

They should be getting more summons revenue from VF, compared to AR, hence the reduction in time for AR.

They also want players to buy that titan offer packs post MT. Plus those loot tickets packs. Or buy VIp for 90 loot tix every 30 days.

Time to hoard loot tickets for me.


They switched around the challenge events to make the most profit in october as the revenue based payout from Zynga is due so they want to make that number as high as possible i get that.
Reducing AR is a kick in the guts for everyone and making costume chamber and legends a bi-monthly event also because that means less quests so less free pulls for f2ps. I never understood why are those 4 day events for a 10 stage quest so i would have been happier to see them reduced to 2 days each instead of this alternating thing and instead AR being reduced.


Same here re Wonderland. If they cancel that event and Grimforest then I will probably stop playing. I loved those events.


Asian Times GMT+7:
October 20, 2021 2:00 PM → October 24, 2021 2:00 PM : Tavern of Legends - now as a bi-monthly Event, alternating with the Costume Chamber

Or → 2021-10-20T07:00:00Z2021-10-24T07:00:00Z

Costume chamber is only 3 days before change, now it is 5 days, that’s too much I think.


It’s funny & sad how they reduced the duration of Atlantis Rises “to make room for new content” instead of these events that can be finished quite quickly.


I think it can be split 2.5 days for ToL and 2.5 days for Costume. The time to complete them both is far less than Tower.

They are just short quests, the energy required is just around the same as rare quest and less than omega quest. Imo, they are not even worthy to be considered as an event. @mhalttu


AR is the only monthly opportunity for fast farming of whatever farmables you need most. Too beneficial to the player base, let’s cut it down — again.
Costumes is the most rewarding portal of all, let’s have it only half as often as before.
Tavern is a joke, it’s done in a day, let’s keep it at four days and claim we must toss it aside to make room for other events.
Towers are expensive to play, for players need to buy flasks. Let’s have one per month.
Let’s have the newer events again, those shiny heroes sell well.
And the older ones will only come again with the shiny costumes nobody wanted in the first place but everybody will try to get because you have to try and keep up somewhat with the power creep.

SG, you suck. There is no reason in the world other than sheer greed for any of this. NOT healthy, reasonable, a-company-mustlmake-money quest for profit, but vile, disgusting, squeeze-them-like-lemons-while-you-can greed. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Certainly frustrated to see Atlantis cut short. There goes some of our precious farming time…

Two days of AR is plenty for farming. My issues are with the Challenge Events. They come around once every five months - I look forward to them and save up gems strategically to pull for particular heroes. Obviously people make more purchases for the flashy new heroes and that’s why they’ve brought back Starfall and Slayers so soon. The fact that they’re 10 levels gives the impression they were rushed.
If Challenge events are going to come around only once a year the newer heroes need to be added to HA10 as they’ve done with Sand Empire. Finley, LotL etc would then have a chance to be pulled on any given day.

Cutting Atlantis rises is it for me. I’m done. I am not going to extend my VIP Pass and stop buying any offers they’ve got.

Costume chamber and Atlantis rises is my favorite events. I’ll use up all my coins and tokens by the end of this month. After that, I am gonna stop playing. This game isn’t worth my time anymore, the rewards are garbage, the endgame grind is garbage.


The duration of events should be based on the number of fights needed for 100% completion. I always complete The Masquerade or Tavern of Legends in few hours but I really struggle to complete the tower events or new Underwild chapters before the event ends. With all the events we have right now it is still possible to achieve a schedule guaranting no more than 10 fights required each day (including some extra time for harder/longer events) allowing you to complete everything on time without big rush.

Magic Tower - 75 fights - should be 8 days
Underwild - 60 fights - should be 7 days
Ninja Tower - 50 fights - should be 6 days
Old Challenge Events - 45 fights - should be 5 days
New Challenge Events - 30 fights - should be 4 days
Mythic Titan - 12 fights - should be 2 days
Tavern of Legends - 10 fights - should be 1 day
The Masquerade - 6 fights - should be 1 day
Mirages of Omega - 5 fights - should be 1 day
In addition to this we have Atlantis and Valhalla which I think everyone would agree should run for as long as possible :slight_smile: And at the moment it is possible to give these events 3 days each and I can see absolutely no reason to make them shorter!

I don’t think we would like anything other than tower events and challenge events to alter every two months. Maybe Tavern of Legends could alter too - the odds are ■■■■ so noone would miss that one anyway. But there is nothing it could alter with - The Masquerade is really great and should definitely run each month! So here is the deal - let’s do the Tavern every two months right before/after Ninja Tower, which is way shorter than Magic Tower anyway.

Here is how I would organize a 4 week schedule:
Week 1: Magic Tower (7 days)
Week 2: Magic Tower (1 day) + Mythic Titan (2 days) + one of new challenge events (4 days)
Week 3: Underwild (6 days) + Mirages of Omega (1 day)
Week 4: The Masquerade (1 day) + Atlantis (3 days) + Valhalla (3 days)

Week 1: Ninja Tower (6 days) + Tavern of Legends (1 day)
Week 2: Mythic Titan (2 days) + one of old challenge events (5 days)
Week 3: Underwild (6 days) + Mirages of Omega (1 day)
Week 4: The Masquerade (1 day) + Atlantis (3 days) + Valhalla (3 days)

As you see this way Atlantis and Valhalla could always last 3 days each.

All events could also be one day longer but overlap - any event could start one day before previous one ends. That would give us extra flexibility to take any day off without missing an event completely and make more room for Atlantis and Valhalla.

A portal should also stay open for one more day after any event ends. That would be especially important for tower events - currently you need to wait a month before you can spend the coins you get as a final event reward.

This schedule would also allow some breathing time each month for basically anyone. New players are not likely to reach too far in tower events, may not be able to complete the challenge event, won’t play hard Underwild levels yet, etc. With this schedule the would have something to do all the time but not as much for first 2-3 weeks of the month. The last week with Atlantis and Valhalla would probably be the busiest one for them, allowing them to grow quickly and see a big progress on other events each month. Endgame players could focus on harder quests and challenges first and then sit back and relax for a week or even two just farming stuff on autoplay and gaining resources needed for busy beginning on next month.

There are some other points that could be discussed. Atlantis/Valhalla/Underwild levels can be played at any time, but Atlantis/Valhalla events give us improved farming, while Uderwild one does not, at least until the season ends. This could lead to the conclusion we could actually have longer Atlantis and Valhalla events with shorter or no Underwild event, just the portal spawning from time to time, and new levels enabled. Actually, I would love to see all portals open all the time and new Underwild stages being relesed more frequently in smaller portions (like 1 chapter every 10 days or even one level a day) regardless of other events. But it’s just not likely to happen.


They don’t want Atlantis to be longer, it’s too lucrative and throws off the game economy so people spend less

Which is a pity because AR farming makes more pulls worthwhile.

Without mats for fast feeders, leveling is too slow.

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