Discussion: Schedule Changes for Events (October 2021 Onwards)

Let’s discuss SG announced schedule changes.

Change to challenge events schedule, less frequent costume chamber, and shorter Atlantis Rises I’m sure will be the hot topics.

I’m curious what the following will entail:
We are also excited to announce that November’s Challenge Event will be chosen by the community, so stay tuned for more details in early November!

Poll question: I’m trying to wrap this all up into one question so I’ll give you multiple thoughts. Overall this is a good change for the game? Overall this moves the game in the right direction? Overall this change is exciting?

Good change?
  • Good
  • Bad
  • Neither

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That is certainly not a surprise after the buff for Faline and Zuri. But cutting down on Atlantis Rises, the most desired event where people could stock-up with what they need for items, ascension etc is a really sh**** move…

And in line with the decision to have less and less free opportunities for players. I consider myself p2p, but I don’t desire a game where there is room only for p2p


I hope they didn’t get the less frequent costume chamber from me:

Atlantis being shorter is sure to be a sticking point.

The change in challenge event schedule doesn’t both me at all. The 10 stages will be welcome.

I voted bad in the poll, but this is a small change. I’ve wondered how long AR will stick around. This won’t have much of an impact on the game and I’ll quickly move on. In the grand scheme of what all is going on, this change barely registers. It is what it is. But I expect overwhelming opposition.

I am happy every time SG tells us the calendar. I am glad they gave us advanced notice. Why Morlovia dates aren’t included here doesn’t make sense.


Se havia duvidas do porquê fazer herois já fortes ainda mais fortes… ai está a resposta… vamos todos ao circo, eu vou vestido de palhaço.
If there were any doubts as to why to make already strong heroes even stronger… here’s the answer… let’s all go to the circus, I’ll go dressed as a clown :clown_face: :rofl:


It’s perfect for SG, they felt like they made a mistake with Atlantis Rises which is why Valhalla Forever isn’t the same.


“Stealing” a day of Atlantis Rising is quite disappointing…I bet the next thing we will get is an additional offer for Loot Tickets and Energy Flasks… :angry: :mage: :wink:


Costume chamber being once every 2 months instead of every month is :poop:

Even shorter atlantis is also :poop:

Other changes are acceptable but I don’t like them


The writing was on the wall for Atlantis Rising the moment they made Valhalla pretty useless.


Does this mean wonderland is out? I really wanted to do that one!


It means more battle item deals showing up. More to do, less to do it with :frowning:

This is really awful.


With the amount of events coming, they have to change the calendar up, which I don’t mind seeing events spread out

Wonderland will be back for sure. As soon as costumed event heroes will be ready to be released.
Old events obviously don’t entice enough gem buying
:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I voted bad because I liked having the Costume Chamber every four weeks. As for Atlantis Rises, hopefully this is the final duration cut. Then again, you never know…

I’m glad to see the detail of these schedule changes; my reaction is mixed. Some of it is good (certainty of upcoming challenge events), some of it is unwelcome for me.

It is what it is.

My question would be: does this mean Ninja Tower will alternate with Tower of Magic?


Shorter Atlantis!!??? The best part for FTP players to load up on. Think I’m done tbh the game has truly lost the plot


So, Tavern in November is scheduled from the 25th to the 29th. on that weekend, will we have Legends and Valhalla at the same time?

I voted Neutral because I expected the cut to Atlantis and the change in tournament event for October to Starfall, in view of the recent buffs to Faline n Yuri.

I was tempted to vote Bad but I know that it would only fan further my already negative views of SGG.

I am cool with CC alternating with ToL. I figured that would happen.

This then allows SGG to have 3 more dynamic events alternating with each other: NT, ToM and CoK. Perhaps one more event. Such that each event will feature minimum 3 times per year.

As for that once in a lifetime opportunity to vote for the November event, I have reservations as to the options that SGG has in mind for November.


@Staff_SGG, I for one don’t get the idea of keeping Tavern of Legends as a 4-day long Rare quest - 36 hours is more than enough! Fine, make it two days. And that leaves 2 free days to fill with whatever events you may like. In addition, I see little difference profit-wise between the Legeds portal being opened for 2 days as opposed to being opened for 4 days. People who want to pull with gems will manage. It’s not like they have to go collect money for 4 full days in order to do all the pulls they want!

I also find the idea of shortening a farming event like Atlantis rises and further denying the community of a Rare World Energy 1 cost stage not good for newcoming players - spenders or no spenders, they could use these to faster level up and faster accumulate needed crafting materials/recriuts which would create a lasting interest in them. I don’t mind more 10-stage challenge events as long as there is a WE 1 cost stage among them that gives decent xp/ crafting mats/ feeder heroes as a reward.

On the other hand, I like the idea of the two Towers alternating every month, since that will give the majority of players the possibility to quicker farm the needed emblems which are always in a big shortage. This is IMO a good change, even if we have to give up on the Costume chamber being every month event. This basically translates into losing 10 keys from one Costume quest in exchange for 450 emblems and lots of free experience + the possibility of getting a 4* mat, and the latter seems more beneficial.

So since there are some bad changes and a good one, I’ve voted for Neither.


The cut on Atlantis is a real painful decision… oh boy!


This is a joke. 17hrs before wonderland and they cut it off? What’s next? They can’t even fix the google play reconection problem.
This is like a boiling frog concept.

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They don’t give a f about the community.


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