[Discussion, Rant?] The lack of Quality of life improvements in 3 years shows Devs do not care about F2P / C2P or multiple Classic heroes or trade but they care only about the latest shiny hero

Eventually success leads to bigger problems (growing pains).

SGG had a mission to stay small as a company (thus the name Small Giant). But their user base has grown rapidly bringing a level of success they weren’t forecasting 2 years ago while they were shopping around their company for investment (pre zynga).

I respect their wanting to stay small. I also respect how much work they need to do keep releasing events and heroes and updates. I am sure it’s not easy and goes under appreciated by majority of the users.

But to manage their growing pains they need to invest into better communications operationally and strategically (since volunteer moderators seem to be carry a lot of the load.)

A primary objective should be big picture game balance and communicating their vision as the game changes. And if they were able to communicate quality of life as a priority and motivator for their changes … that would make users feel more loyal to the brand,

Just reading the AMA (which I think the forum moderators arranged) was super helpful to ME in aligning with and supporting their creative and business vision.

I don’t think I hit a wall yet after more than 1,5 year.

4* is key especially for F2P like me, I have 16 +20 emblem 4* and they help a lot, they are enough to complete all quests/challenges.

But this is where I feel different. With more and more features I feel like the game have become too hectic.

Time spent for Challenge Events increase because more stages.

Time spent for Atlantis increase because of lesser flag in AR.

Time spent for new S3, Emblem Trials, Costume Event, and soon Taverns of Legend.

Time needed to play this game hass increased significantly since the first time I play.


Agree again! That must’ve been such a quantum leap in every aspect they hadn’t even dreamed of BUT eventually they’ll need to deal with that because a necessary decline’ll start at a point and I love this game too much so I hope I won’t need to see that.

Maybe not the luckiest thing to compare SG with Blizzard or Riot Games in professionalism, but in a way it’s inevitable since they are being similarly successful in mobile platform and we all know “with great power comes great responsibility”. :slight_smile:

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Right now we are playing season 3 of the game. Maybe it’s a time to add some heroes to the ‘classic’ heroes pool? It’s pretty cool to have ten events of type ‘spend-100-times-per-event’ mounthly, but amount of f2p is really low.

Add season 2 heroes into building.

I posted the idea right now :slight_smile:

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Cheers, Meme Master Extraordinaire :beers:


I had hit a wall at the beginning of this year, which would have been around the two-year mark. As a dedicated casual player I play daily, I grind, I open two chests a day. And that was all fine.

But at that point I was starting to become swamped with the extra content being added and not being able to “keep up” without it eating into my non-E&P time like work and family time. Plus I was getting tired of leveling up 3* and 4* dupe heroes due to a lack of AM. I was starting to reach the point where I was contemplating quitting. My overall strength was not improving and I was not advancing anymore in the game.

Then, simultaneously, I reassessed my reasons for playing and RNG decided to bless me with some 4* AM (like, 4 in a week). So here I am still playing, but now I am improving my overall strength and I am not worrying about all the new available content so much. If I can do it I do. If not, oh well.

Of course, with the self-isolating I have more free time for E&P right now too …


now you know why I meme - get me talking and I can’t shut up :laughing:

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Whereas @TGW is the opposite. Some of his memes go on for days :rofl:

PS and I’d like every one but I keep running out …


I wouldn’t want you to shut up. That was a brilliant rant.

But I get it. Post a long rant that makes a lot of sense, most people either won’t read it - or worse, they’ll “pretend” to read it, pick out the parts that they disagree with, and use your own words against you. :roll_eyes:

Fully on board the meme train myself.



Just you wait Mister until my likes regenerate. Just you wait …

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An Odyssey², maybe. A regular Odyssey - that’s way too rare for a bunch of Season 1 heroes. Maybe a rainbow of very early HOTM.

Seriously though, there have been quality of gameplay enhancements:
Extra filter options (it helps)
Collect all button in TC’s (It’s great)

Would we like more? Yes. But, that’s something.

I suspect the extra notifications were planned as that, but they are bit too much.

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Well in fairness, I haven’t been playing for 3 years. Only about 20 months thus far.

And yes, they have made some improvements to the game. Certain things are less glitchy than they were before… like, I no longer have windmills swirling over my crafting forge, so that’s a plus.

And they have certainly added a whole bunch of new content and stuff to do. A few more ways for FTP players to get some free vanilla heroes. That’s all good.

But… a few small caveats here…

Most of the new updates actually lower the odds of pulling good heroes.

Most of the new updates are mainly intended to stimulate further spending on the game.

Which is fine… capitalism and all. SG devs have bills to pay just like the rest of us, right?

The updates that are/were mostly “intended” to bring more balance to the game? Well we’ve already seen where that goes.

Early spenders mad because new heroes making their heroes obsolete

New and continuing spenders mad about proposed nerfs to heroes they already paid for

Low and non-spenders just mad in general because we can’t afford any of the heroes y’all are arguing over

All players mad because of perceived nerfs to their boards and/or loot in general, whether real or imagined

So much extra new content?

Super active players: “Cool! Now I finally have a good reason to play this game 24/7!”

More casual players: “Are you freaking kidding me? I already have a full time job.”

Both active and casual players: “I don’t have enough world energy to complete all of these things every day. This wouldn’t happen to be a clever ploy to get us to start buying refill flasks, would it?”

IMO QoL improvements that include additional game content that also requires additional world energy to complete should also come with additional world energy, so that one is not required to choose between calling in sick at work, drinking 3 pots of coffee a day to stay awake, or buying WE refills. But that’s just me, and many people here oftentimes tell me I’m wrong. “Those who are most dedicated and spend the most and play the most deserve to have the most stuffs, either get on board with that and start spending and stop sleeping or STFU and accept your plebian status, you filthy cheap casual noob.” Right… right… I get it. I am not worthy.

Silly me, I’ve been playing this game as if it were just a “game”. I should never expect to have the same perks as someone who has spent 10x as much time and money on the game as I have. Fair enough, good sir! Hence why I have gladly accepted my permanent role as a mid-tier player. Just that, with all due respect, I think you and I might have a few disagreements on the exact definition of “quality of life”. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is pretty much the nature of most games with any sort of rarity mechanic built in to what players use to play the game, and especially those with a collectability bent. Magic:the Gathering was a almost entirely new sort of thing, and now we have lots of games with “packs” of stuff, whether it be cards, heroes, gear, or something else. Many of them have a collectible element, and even for those that don’t, there is often a desire to have “one of everything”.

It’s part of the nature of the way many games are today. I still prefer to buy a game, play it, and enjoy it, but there’s less of that in the mobile space, partly because for the cult of the new chasing add-ons and expansions, and partly because the economics of the market.


Yep, that’s something I had to accept once I realized that this is basically how mobile games operate. It’s not my preferred game type - like you, I prefer to just buy a game outright and have access to everything.

I never got into those card games back in the day… not because I wasn’t interested in them, I just couldn’t afford them. Turns out I still can’t. :laughing:

I understand the thrill that drives the desire to collect, I like collecting things too. But no can do at those prices. Collecting things is an expensive hobby that is obviously beyond my financial means. :man_shrugging:

I can still try to enjoy the game in spite of that, though. Guessing it will never really be CTP/FTP friendly, but I’ll still continue to express opinions and make suggestions to those ends regardless. And they will continue to ignore me so long as there are enough people out there willing to spend a lot of money chasing each new hero. Doesn’t cost me anything to ask, though. :smile:

The day that they start charging us just to hit titans, autoplay province one missions, or to post opinions and other such nonsense on the forums - that’ll be the day that I uninstall the game for good.


Loot tickets are dangerously close to the autoplay thing there. :laughing:

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Indeed… though I’m certainly not going to buy loot tickets to autoplay a quest that my farming team is perfectly capable of handling on its own for free.

Sure, I have to glance at my phone every couple of minutes to press “replay”, but that doesn’t cost me a dime.


Do hear some people buy loot tickets for farming purposes. Like you I’m fine with autoplay; I have a dedicated farming team.

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