[Discussion, Rant?] The lack of Quality of life improvements in 3 years shows Devs do not care about F2P / C2P or multiple Classic heroes or trade but they care only about the latest shiny hero

Maybe because their month have passed thus the money generating period have passed it peak, they no longer consider them new.

But they destroyed Clarissa too. Which totally came out of left field and is so weird any way you look at it.

have you ever developed a game before? maybe the majority of the userbase is sticking around because they keep adding new content and features. somehow adding extra filter buttons for organizing a roster or extra ways to farm without playing the game isnt quite as compelling a way for sg to invest its dev resources…

sg is doing an awesome job.

someone needs to sanity check the sheer level of hostility, entitled and negativity that surfaces at times on this forum. this is a great game and sg is crushing it. (the good kind of crushing it)


Now that is the QoL improvement they did.

They were doing great last year (except AL) but the upcoming v30 plan is bad.

This thread is about QoL so those are out of topic.

New heroes’ filter is a good QoL, same as seeing useable heroes first and collect all button on training camp. Maybe the filters still lack a search by name (where you digit the name).

Are these QoL enough? Maybe yes, maybe not.

What about the other @Gryphonknight arguments?

What I find both funny and disheartening (but kinda optimistic about) is that many of the QoL requests for EP have been integrated into their newer game Puzzles Combat… Examples include:

  • Additional control over alliance Banner look
  • Cheaper Gem Deal (essentially same price as the 10k gem package but broken down to 100 gem packets)
  • Online and offline indicators
  • Overhauled quests to include:
    • Find troops
    • Loot tickets
    • Experience
    • Player vs. unending wave of mobs
  • Better graphics
  • Roster control
  • When levelling up, unlocked heroes automatically are at the top (ignores teams & favourites heroes)
  • Match 4 square dynamic to the puzzle
  • Hard mode to Season 1 (includes colour restrictions)
  • Stated % for “extra damage against”
  • Display effect of troops on a team lineup & stats
  • Better roster management

There are more but that’s just what I got off the top of my head.

I’m optimistic because the code is done so SHOULD be able to implement in EP too… Right…?


It depends on a way both games are implemented and on how much of a code base they do share.

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The two games are virtually identical.

Some have stated that PC is just a reskin of EP (which it pretty much is).

Same buildings, same levels, same costs, same times, same mechanics in hero specials etc… :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess the Devs had more time to do QoL stuff seeing as they copy pasted most of the game code :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Do they have a referral bonus for bringing new players into CP? You should get one for me. :smiley:

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Hopefully the copy/paste goes in both directions. I remember reading that SG completely separated the two design teams, surely they must put their heads together once in a while?


Not yet haha

It is “coming soon” if the invites go the same place as in EP… They’re still in select country roll out tho so it’s not available everywhere cough cough APKPURE cough cough

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QoL, I think @Sorsha summed it up beautifully in her goodbye post: That's all Folks! Time to say good bye

At this time and for the past many months, the “improvements” make E&P a job. The drop rates, the continual complete depletion of resources to do one thing, it’s a minimum wage job at that.

What improved my E&P quality of life is that about 2 weeks ago I left my competitive alliance and am in my only me alliance now. I loved my alliance however the job of taking care of my responsibilities to my team mates in my performance to carry my weight just got to be too much. I am on my own and I am not stressed with a total of 100k damage on a titan. 2 one shots in war, that sucks, but I didn’t let anyone else down. I’ve read the threads on raid matchup. I call baloney. How much fun is it when my avg 3900 +/- 100 teams keep pulling 4500 raid enemies; 75% of the time? How about figuring out a way to get more quantity of equal or near equal opponents in raids for QoL?

I’m not having to balance my resource use to craft ridiculously costly battle items while also needing to level troops and heroes since I’m not in a competitive alliance. All this while the need resources keeps getting greater yet the availability of them is stagnant. Just like work again; the cost of living is up yet wages are stagnant.

If S.G. cares in the least for the players, QoL could be improved by re-assessing the ham and iron costs and availability. Over a month to level buildings to max? Not being able to convert buildings because your builders are in use? Not letting farms and mines produce while being upgraded?

Sure $$$$ will get you past all that, but it’s a lot of cash. I would assume most players that spend are like I was until a month ago when I stopped spending, spending a few hours of wages per month. That’s where SG should consider putting their focus. A classic business dilemma; our goal is to make $1000. Do we cater to 2 people for $500 or do we cater to 20 people at $50? If they chose the latter QoL for ten times the amount of people would be greatly improved.

I am sincerely happy for those that are completely or mostly content with the path SG has chosen to go. E&P has provided me with a lot of fun (in the past), finding this game coming from Candy Crush was awesome. I have a demanding job and at this point a game that is now less fun and way more demanding is not what I’m looking for. For me the writings on the wall.

SG is not doing anything to improve the QoL from my perspective.


You’re right but free heroes are free and telluria gave them gigantic amounts of money.


Who is Dev ? …

Short for Developers :slight_smile: as in, the game developers

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Hope they bring back this stat due to constume bonus

Oh, but time is only relative and what was old is replaced in only a couple of years now instead of generations given our accelerated rate of technological advances.

Agree with you 100% here. Raids are the most frustrating thing that I do everyday. The common answer of “well raids only follow your cups, not your power” is even more frustrating because it only sidesteps the ‘issue’ (if we can call it that). I mean, it’s not like anything is set in stone here, it doesn’t have to be like that. With the culmination of things like more emblems on defenses than offenses, the AI defense auto-buffs, and completely wildcard boards, constantly rolling opponents so much stronger can just feel insulting and demoralizing.

(I burn mountains of ham re-rolling for someone in my range. The usually power disparity is around 20%. Do the late gamers who like to tell us “that’s just the way it is” even realize that this equates to someone at their level fighting 5000 power teams?) But I digress.

What is came here to say is:
There’s movie from the 90’s called “The Fan” where super-fan Robert Deniro is talking to baseball player Wesley Snipes about what got him out of his recent slump (simplified version). The conversation has stuck with me for 25 years, and applies to so much in real life but is especially grounding for situations like this.

I’m butchering this, but you get the gist:

“Got any idea what got you out of that slump?”
“Ya know man, I just stopped caring.”
[irritated] “What? Stopped Caring? What is that?”
“All my life I tried to be a perfectionist and be the best, but why? I think that’s where I made my mistake. I mean what are we doing here? We’re not curing cancer, we’re playing a game. It’s just a game. There’s more to life than baseball.”

And his point wasn’t to just mentally check-out and go full nihilism, but to reassess his priorities. The game for him was actually his job, but for us it is literally a game. Whether it’s QOL or game mechanics, nothing here is worth emoting so strongly over that it comes to effect us personally. If it does, I urge anyone to take a step back for careful reassessment.

I think you’re doing exactly the right thing. Changing your relationship with the game is healthy when it’s become too demanding. I personally think a lot of players can get way too serious about things, and it’s good for people to understand that they don’t have to get sucked into it if they don’t want to. No disrespect to people who choose to play like that, they enjoy it and there’s nothing wrong with it. But I think sometimes there’s an unspoken subtext that the “right” way to play this game is all-in with lots of required minimum performance, preferred gameplay, time dedication, etc. It’s just inferred, subtly and unintentionally, but I think a lot of players get pulled in that direction without even realizing it.

FWIW, I believe there are more of us casual players than the diehards who want to micro-manage and put performance requirements on everything. And if you wind up missing a larger alliance, any of us “active casuals” would love to have a 3900 war mongering titan smasher such as yourself. Hell, if we weren’t full I’d be trying to recruit you right now :wink: .

And to anyone else reading this who also feels worn down with the game: consider simplifying your relationship with it. RNG will always kick you in the shins, the powercreep will continue and the QOL improvements will come slowly - but there are other facets of your game that you can control, and sometimes a realignment can help manage everything else (such as: today I decided not to raid at all because I want to spend my time farming out the event and don’t have a cup minimum to maintain, so suck it Raid Arena :grinning: )


hear, hear!

My quality of life and happiness with the game improved once I realized that:

a) maintaining over 2600 cups would open me up to being attacked all the time;

b) that, with my relatively limited roster, just finishing challenge events in top 10000 Rare/Legendary tier and top 5000 for Epic was already quite an accomplishment;

c) that I probably can’t always make top 1% or even 5% in Raid Tournaments because of my limited roster and relative lack of emblems,

and IT’S OKAY.

As long as I still have fun playing the game, it’s okay :slight_smile:


@sleepyhead I think that’s the right attitude, it’s about setting expectations and understanding that f2p games arent charities, they’re businesses and get the experience you pay for.

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