Discussion (poll) time: are you honest about your spending habits on this game?

Not asking how much you’ve spent, not looking to name and shame anyone, just a serious question to satisfy my own curiosity. I’ve been wondering how many people are truly honest about their own spending habits in this game. Please be honest with your vote. I’ll try to include all possible options, along with an “other” option in case I missed something.

  • I am honest and fully transparent with myself and others about how much I’ve spent on this game
  • I am honest with myself about how much I’ve spent on this game, but it’s nobody else’s business
  • I am honest with myself on how much I’ve spent, but I’m not entirely transparent about it with others in the game and/or forum
  • I am honest with myself on how much I’ve spent, but I’m not entirely transparent about it with my spouse and/or family / loved ones / friends / coworkers
  • I think I’ve probably lied to myself about how much I’ve actually spent on this game
  • Truthfully, I don’t even know how much I’ve spent on this game
  • I’ve spent absolutely nothing on this game, so not applicable
  • Other?

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I know how much I’ve spent, answered “nobody else’s business” because nobody ever actually asked me. Not even my wife, she knows I spend on few games, it’s like a hobby I guess. I have no problem at all on telling anybody.

Anyway when VIP finishes in a couple of months, I’m turning F2P for good.

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Technically, I don’t know exactly how much I’ve spent. However, it’s a couple share the gems offers, and a few cheap VIP offers, plus probably one full price one to try out VIP.

In the tiers of spending, being within $5-10 of a total over the time I’ve played is certainly accurate enough.

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I originally wanted to make this poll completely anonymous, but I don’t think there’s any way to do so. Definitely wasn’t meant as a “name and shame” type thing, and I’m not asking anyone to specify exact dollar amounts. Just wanted to get a general idea of how truly honest other players are being when discussing monetary figures for reference, because I’ve had other players intentionally lie to me about their own spending habits… and known other players who’ve admitted to me that they don’t dare tell their spouse how much they’ve spent, because their spouses would probably kill them if they knew :laughing:

I’ve seen players call themselves “CTP” while admitting to spending about $200 a month (that’s not “cheap” to play in my opinion, but… subjective)… I’ve seen people post here that they’ve spent over $10,000 on the game (highest I saw was $40,000 I believe)… they might have been referencing different currencies that have drastically different values compared to U.S. dollars? Or they might have actually been over exaggerating how much they’ve spent? Or perhaps under exaggerating? Or they might have been completely honest? I don’t know.

I just know enough about human behavior to know that people have a tendency to occasionally lie, especially if they think it will make them look better. Not just to others, but sometimes even to themselves.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that; nobody wants to be completely honest about something if they think it’s going to make them look bad. Like if you were to ask me, how many “intimate” partners I’ve had in my life? That’s a question I probably wouldn’t answer directly. I might answer with something vague like “more than one but less than ten”. Some people might be inclined to over exaggerate their numbers in response to a question like that. Others might feel inclined to under exaggerate. Most will probably just say “none of your damn business”. Which is completely fair. Which is why I was hoping I could keep this poll anonymous so that I could get completely honest answers.

In regards to my own spending on the game? This is a question I’m not embarrassed to answer. I’ve spent roughly $140 USD. Might have actually totaled out over $150 with tax, I’m not sure of the exact number, but it’s within that range.

The only time I care about how much anyone else has spent is when they start bragging about their rosters (or as is usually the case on here, “humble bragging”, like "oh I only have a couple dozen 5* heroes, nothing fancy). Only reason I want to know how much they spent is for personal reference to compare my own roster and spending level. If they claim that they spent less than me, have been playing for a shorter amount of time than me, but have way more good heroes than I do? Either

  • they are extremely lucky;
  • I am extremely unlucky; or
  • they are lying about how much they actually spent

It’s important for me to know these otherwise seemingly insignificant factors, so that I can accurately determine whether the game is specifically just screwing me personally, or if it’s screwing everyone more or less equally. :laughing:


Did the alliance offer twice, so a total of $6.38 including tax, in 15 months. Only offer I will do and for my teammates.

Once I looked at the summoning odds and realized this was a casino and not much of a strategy game, I decided I would not spend, save for the alliance offer.

I usually do 1 or 2 coin/token rolls as the specific events come up. No gem rolls except once early in.

I have 7 5* heroes.

2 from tc20.
2 came after a 300 gem continuation from pirates.
1 from elemental roll early in
1 from Atlantis roll
1 after 14 eht

I do not consider myself terribly lucky. But perhaps I have fared better than others.

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I spend whatever I choose to but if asked I’d probably downplay it. Money is tough topic and for some people £50 is a huge amount and they wouldn’t dream of spending it on a game whereas I probably don’t really see it that way.

But probably out of respect I’d not say because I don’t want people to form opinions about me just because I have the ability to waste money

(Which I’m truly humble about, life is fickle and it can all change in an eye blink but if you work hard for your money I believe you can spend it how you like)


Hmm… (doing maths, trying to remember what I have on my team)…

21, going on 22 months playing…

I have Miki, Malosi, Grimble, Santa Claus, Obakan, Leonidas, Marjana, Lianna, Kadilen, Elkanen, and 3 Richards… so… 13 5* heroes. I guess that’s not too shabby. But 8 of those 13 came from TC20 :laughing: and I know for a fact that at least one of those HotMs (Malosi) came from a free summon (costume keys that I earned through gameplay, did not buy).

I’d say I have not done as well as others but I guess my total spend would be around $1000 AUD thus far. But then I literally gave away almost that much yesterday…

Only thing I’ve spent money on in the last 2 or 3 months is vip and valor. I’m not spending on anything else. I used to buy every little thing that popped up. Wouldn’t spend on anything over 10 bucks. I’m okay only doing 3 pulls a month from gems collected from vip. Current team is at 4524 and as long as I can get every event that comes up I’m fine with my current roster. been playing for close to 2 years and I’ve probably spent around 1000 on this game, but I’m done spending on those stupid popup deals.

I’m honest but nobody asks. I’m far too responsible for people who care about me to be concerned about any of my spending!


This is nice to put your spending in perpective, but it is also a measure of entertainment.

How much have you spent on Cable TV? I dont have it for over 8 years btw
How much have you spent on cigarettes? Smoker dont take that in account, they just want the next pack or the next green bud :slight_smile:

How much have you spent on BEER?
Well, i will let you folks answer that lol have u taken in consideration how much u have spent partying out there???

And a follow up question is: Are you transparent with yourself about how much you spent on: beer, cigarettes, tv cable?
Do you share it with others?
Do you lie it to yourself?

To me these questions apply to the game the same way. It is entertainment, you use it up and enjoy and time passes by. If you spend a lot and your life is becoming worse because of this game then ask yourself these questions, otherwise i say: enjoy the show.

Life is short and go for whatever makes you happy, be it a game, be it meditating in nature. Dont judge what makes other happy and how they lead their lives and spent their money, if they are truly happy then nothing else matters.

So now after this morning reply i can add a question: are you happy playing this game?

Now comparing partying vs gaming:

Partying u can spent LOTS of cash in a night and come up empty handed and go sleep alone with your pillow
Gaming can lead you to spend on the magical queen and monster cards and yet get nothing too and sleep alone with your pillow (remember it will be harderd cause u aint drunk)

Partying can lead u to great success, maybe a one night stand or a lifetime partner (kind of hard to find in a party but hey we are there too lol)
Gaming can also have some luck and will Guin be the queen forever? Nooo Telly is up, you have to break up :frowning:

On and on we can go!
Good morning!


I’m FTP now, but I’ve spent like 6 EUR total before. And someone on the forums LOLed at me and said I can’t call myself FTP because I spent already… but I figure,

a) that was a really small amount,

b) and I’m not going to spend again,

so I qualify? I don’t know. I mean, if I had spent like 6,000 EUR before that would be different, but it’s like 6 EUR, that’s about one McDonald’s Happy Meal …

and it’s like, yes, I acknowledge I’m not 100% FTP because I have a little spent before, but it just seems like too much trouble/detail to have to explain the whole situation every time I give my opinion on something, you know?


I think you’re missing part of the point of the OP summarized here:

A big part of this forum’s existence is sharing information with each other. If I pull 200 times for a hero and only show the one successful pull it’s like taking a picture of me winning $500 in a hand of poker and not showing the whole game. No one is disputing that it was exciting for you to win that hand or summon that hero, but the context matters.

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My limit £20 a month most iv spent is £30 i have just spend £10 before.
I usually just get the cheap event deals, I don’t vip I have a few times in the past.
My sis did give me a £50 voucher for my birthday and I did spend it on this as there wasn’t really anything else I wanted or needed to buy.

I’ve been playing just under a year (287 days according to Alliance info) and I’ve spent probably $100-120 though I don’t know the exact amount because I’m not tracking closely.

I’ve spent on VIP every month after the first month or two, and I’ve paid for all 3 POV (so around $80 total). I’ve bought both the “Share the Gems” items in that time (Xmas and Valentines). Only recently, after I found some “free money” sources (survey sites etc) have I spent on any gem deals beyond that. I spent about $15 at Grimforest for enough to 10-pull and about $5 at Guardians for the same. My targets in those were Hansel and Jackal and I succeeded on both. I also recently bought a loot ticket/flask deal ($10) because I want to load up my camps at AR.

All that said, it’s not as if I have any sort of enviable roster anyway. I have a total of 8 5* that I’ve gotten mostly from TC20 and a couple lucky strikes that were actually on coin pulls anyway. I’m only now leveling the first rainbow set of those, after focusing mostly on 3* and 4*.

I agree with some of the sentiments above; this is roughly in line with what I would have otherwise spent on similar entertainment in this time. It’s less than two AAA console titles and I’ve put FAR more hours into E&P than any two AAA games, even including the 400 hours I dropped into BOTW when it came out. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter how much you spend as how much does it aggravate you how much you’ve spent.

Some spend a little and get nothing and get extremely aggravated over it.
Some spend a lot and consider it part of their entertainment budget.
Others spend a lot without realizing it and then get extremely aggravated over it.

The important part is to be transparent with yourself about how much you spend and whether you consider it good value. Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.


I went crazy one month and spend around 170 Euro’s, trying to get that specific hotm ( bought almost every offer that month ). Didn’t get the hero after more than 100 pulls and felt deflated. Now I don’t buy offers anymore. Only VIP and Valor.

Oh and those offers where your alliance also gets some gems.

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My personal gaming paying philosophy is that I am good with supporting game developers but I don’t like getting game advantage through paying.
This means I will never buy heroes, troops, ascension materials or emblems. I do pay and intend to keep paying for cosmetics, things like hero roster slots and things like valentines gift to my alliance.
I usually describe myself as f2p when relevant for comparing hero rosters and playing habits. I disclose my full philosophy only in a context of a deeper discussion.

I’ll tell anyone who asks what my spending habits were on the game. Not a big deal to me.

In the last two months I’ve tried to cut out spending. I’ve bought PoV, VIP (last month, but let it run out without buying), and i bought 1 $2.99 offer, just because i was like 5 coins short.

Going forward I’ll likely just buy PoV every 2 months, and any Alliance wide deal. That’s probably it. I’m just going to play with the deck I have, and if I get super lucky so be it.


there are definitely a few self-proclaimed ftp folk on this forum with what would appear to be very expensive rosters full of 5* event heroes.

I am assuming many of these people are embarrassed to acknowledge their spending behavior.

I am on the fence as to whether it matters because it feeds nonsensical false knowledge to other players and leads them to spend/not spend under misguided pretenses, or it doesnt matter because who cares?