[Discussion, Play style] Food saved leveling using batches of 10 heroes vs. 1 hero

[Discussion, Play style] Food saved leveling using batches of 10 heroes vs. 1 hero.

This is a good question ( linky, linky )

Way more complex that is first appears, but still a good question. Lets discuss. Or better yet, if someone has already analyzed this, link to it in the reply section.

Unlimited ascension items
If you have plenty of 3* and 4* non-farmable ascension materials ( IAP or fighting maximum level titans ) it doesn’t matter since most heroes are 8/8 by 4* 3/70 and 5* 4/80. With unlimited ascension items, the problem is you can store finished heroes ( Links training camp storage ), but there is not a good way to store food ( Links hoarding food ).

Zero often levels using this method

Limited ascension items
Random color
The problem with doing 10 at once, is you +skill roll is cut in half if you use non-matching colors. The maximum level for farmable ascension materials is 4* 3/60 and 5* 2/60, which does not guarantee you 8/8 ( Notes random color leveling ).

Same color
If you are using same color, batches of 10 heroes, you will probably need 46- 91 empty hero slots to store leveling heroes until you can get a set of 10 the same color.

However you have no good way to store food produced while you wait to fill those 46- 91 slots with 1*/ 2* heroes.

The advantage to doing batches of 1 hero is you can easily match colors, and utilize you food as you earn it.

My current play style is batches of two heroes of the same color ( 1* and 2*, but no 3* heroes and no trainer heroes) giving me a +4% to +8% skill roll with each leveling attempt.

Once I reach 8/8 I just do batches of 1 to 10 heroes ( 1* and 2* also using 3* heroes and trainer heroes) depending on what I have to level. Color matching is nice for the +20% XP, but not as important as the +skill roll.

Using this method I am comfortable with my food generation and with 6- 50 empty hero slots for pulling heroes from training camps.

Random color leveling
Math using 1*/2* random colors to raise a hero from 4* 1.1 to 4* 3.60 using only farmable ascension materials ( thanks @flyingsolow ) -

Linky, Linky
Training camp storage
Currently I have 2056 finished extra low cost heroes in Camp “Alpha” and 39 in Camp “Charlie”.

Hoarding food
Legendary training can be used to hoard food, but ends up with lots of 3* heroes you don’t need, and every 48 hours you lose 297k food. Because of this I only have 24.7m food in storage at Camp “Bravo” ( = 100 legendary training x 247k or 6.45 months until training finished ).

Farmable ascension materials
Currently I am working on my third 4* hero of each color. I already have a rainbow team of 4* 3.60 ( including a 4* 3.60 Wu Kong ) and a rainbow team of 4* 4.70 ( specifically a Team built around the insanely OP Wu Kong 4* 4.70 )

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Using tc20/13 in pair with TC11/4 you can have a big storage on available food

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