[Discussion] Ordering team - Zeline Gravemaker Aeron Delilah Perseus

[Discussion] Ordering team -


How would you order the above team for

Raid defense

War rules-
Arrow Barrage
Field Aid
Attack Boost

That’s actually a really hard question. . .

Attack is relatively easy, I’d run GM - Aeron - Zeline - Perseus - Delilahi to keep Zeline and GM as safe as possible.

Defense is hard; all 5 are good tanks, but none of them like to be on a wing. Perseus loses the least from being on a wing since he only misses one target for his defense against nature buff, so he goes there. With two healers I think GM makes the best tank since it’s less important to start healing early, and more important to damage your opponent early. Zeline should go on a flank, which means one of the healers needs to go on the other wing. Delilah loses less than Aeron by being on a wing since his shield vs. ailments is very valuable. Lastly I like to separate the healers and optimize the order in which effects cast, so my final recommendation is:

Delilah - Zeline - GM - Aeron - Perseus.


Attack: Blind is critical against Zeline and Perseus and a green shield on healers keep them safe.
Zeline, Aeron and Perseus can destroy a whole team by themself.

Defense: If you manage to get another purple Delilah should be the tank.

on defense why not go:

zeline aeron gravemaker delilah perseus

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