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First of all, clarify that it is not bad vibes but that the last announcement and the changes were not really understood at all.

1 * All Season IV stages feature Underwild Gems; these are special tiles that damage your heroes until they are matched

gems are supposed to be generated by season 4 heroes for the family bonus
This means that it will not be possible to create gems from the underwild family
bonus outside of the 4th season. or there are other new gems that did not speak,
or the family bonus depends on the season this information is very confusing

2 Small fixes and changes:

  • Default Commander names changed to be gender neutral
    really !!! really stop seriously
    evoking morgan freeman’s words on racism · “stop talking about it”

3 * Added mention of parasites to Uraeus skill description

I don’t really see the mention about parasites.
Nor do I think that if the enemy has minions he receives damage because it would not make sense if I had uraeus in my team with a parasite, what benefit would I get from this

4 * Raffaele no longer heals ghosts in ghost form with his ability to heal allies to 50% HP

that is not the power of raffael rafael does not heal half life.
Also, a hero in a ghost state is not supposed to be cured.
this is the power of raffael that is not the same
Heals all allies who have less than 50% HP left to 50% health.

5 the hero when in ghost form the game does not allow him to give a healing position which is great. Now when you will put that the hero if he can not receive mana does not allow you to give him a mana position

ps: if you are so interested in the gender clarification Prof. Lidenbrock is wrong in Spanish at least it should be Professor Lidenbrock in Spanish the gender is specified in the word : Profesora Lidenbrock


Generally speaking, no updates are active until you download & install Version 36 update.

Even then, many changes won’t nescessarily be implemented until they Force the Update & disable the previous version (7-10 business days after rollout starts).

Addressing things specifically:

  1. Underwild gems appear on the board during S4 gameplay just like Omni Curses appear during Ninja Towers or S3 Runic Rocks appear in S3 gameplay. Functions the same as if a defending S4 hero spawned the Underwild Gem.
  1. Parasites is the old version; they got changed in Beta to be “Feinds” instead. No change to Uraeus’ functionality otherwise.

  2. Ghost form referring to Ammeona or Stoncleave (as examples) but also fighters mid-revive; plus the new “Abyss Ghost” form for Lepiota.


This is confusing wording. Does it mean you have to complete BOTH modes to get summon coins for a stage? Or like S2 and S3, you get 3 coins for easy and 5 coins for hard for a stage?

I thought it’s like S2 and S3, but some of my friends interpreted it the first way. Can someone clarify please. Thanks.

If you complete normal you get coins if you completed hard you get coins. Completing a stage on normal will unlock the harder stage version.

Functions same as S2 and S3. Key thing to look for is stage not stages.


So with now seeing fiends as an option on Ureaus, I think we just found big synergy between him and Elizabeth becoming extremely useful? Knock on him was the need for minions for the extra DOT, with Elizabeth, you just fire her then him and instant pain. Unless I am missing something.

I understood that it is the same as always with the second and third seasons, the first time you do a level, it gives you a reward coin in both easy and difficult.
that if it is true that the explanation of how they wrote everything is confusing

I still don’t understand I’ll wait until 25 to see how they translate the cards into Spanish. I mean if he understood what you said uraeus will complement himself with elizabeth to generate more damage. crazy since for my part I do not think Elizabeth needs a complement if not heroes who can more easily counteract her power.

ps i just discovered another bug with stoneclave and fanstasma position next to kvasir minions

I’m really confused with the Uraeus change.

If the opponent has minions, he will hit him and give all heroes some sand damage. Fine, minions are positive so you punish the opponent with some extra damage. Works like most things in the game with similar mechanic, if the opponent has something positive some heroes do more (Finley hits more when enemies have buffs, miki/tarlak atk+ if enemies have more health…)

But now with the sand damage when an enemy “owns” a Fiend (former parasite) that’s some double punishment. You already have those fiends who do damage and steal health, and because of that you get some extra sand damage as bonus if you get hit with Uraeus. I think it’s the first time that you get extra punishment when you’re already at a disadvantage. That’s like Finley suddenly hitting all because they already have some Atk-.


It seems to be a new style of power that the heroes will have in combination, it will be called. “hit me, I like”

My guess on this is it is the same mechanic and possibly not an easy way to separate out fiends and minions? So just roll with it? I really wish I had pulled Ureaus now, I really did try hard for him.

But it’s only Uraeus. Grimble, noor… don’t interact with fiends, so there is some possible separation between them and minions.
I have myself two Uraeus, one already on his way to max, but I’m still no fan of that change.

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Yeah, Skadi too can’t interact with fiend. Which, on the other hand, is for better, as that would be incredibly broken and also weird if you could kill something that you inflict on enemies. On the other hand it would be interesting if there would be a hero that would give weak minions to enemy that you could exploit. I wonder though if Eliz + Ura interaction won’t be nerfed down the road like GTV combo.

Oh and yeah, installing update adds new shiny button for Season IV (so far, obviously, greyed out).

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I loved the idea of parasites and how it was being handled. Now the idea that they are demons and that the damage is further enhanced with another hero I don’t like at all.
seriously I expected some hero to counterattack or save us from the parasites.
but despite all the benefits they give that add more I think it is generating a debate so that many ask to be nerfed. I can’t find the logic or the meaning.

Hopefully they will release other hotm or others which will be good counters, and welcomed, honestly, if any more nerfs happen of any kind on any hero down the line, wether I have that hero or not, I will delete my entire roster, feed all 5* 4* 3* into other 3* hero’s to prevent and deter me ever playing again and uninstall this game for good.

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The way to go is to feed them ALL to Aife

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Why am I seeing a Spring Offer so soon? Is this a glitch or does SG really selling the Spring Offer in advance???

See [KNOWN ISSUE] Springvale offer available NOW on iOS

I just updated on my iPad and don’t see it, so may be fixed?

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