[Discussion, Investigation] Collecting finished heroes from Legendary training, Gem summons and summons coding [Camps, Tokens, Gems, Coins, Luck, RNG, RNG seed, 1x, 10+]

[Discussion, Investigation] Collecting finished heroes from Legendary training, Gem summons and summons coding [Camps, Tokens, Gems, Coins, Luck, RNG, RNG seed, 1x, 10+ ]

Bulk summons- luck

According to Dev Tim, this does not matter. Every summons is independent of all other variables ( see notes ).

This applies to all summons in the game- camps, tokens, gems and coins.

Gryphonkit, my wife, pulled my favorite 5* hero ( Obakan ) from her first completed Legendary training. She had two Obakan before I recently summoned my first.

Bulk summons- frustration

This is sort of true. They are still getting the same number of 3* heroes, but because they are collecting in large batches, they have a decent chance of getting a 4* hero to break up the monotony, and frustration, of getting another duplicate 3* hero.

Until I got purple 5* Obakan ( yay! ) I would wait until I had 14x to 30x finished heroes in my 1x Legendary training to collect, since that had a better chance of including Obakan and a lower chance of me throwing my phone across the room. I was not increasing my chance of getting Obakan, but I was decreasing the number of times I collected and did not get Obakan. Some times, ignorance is actually bliss.

I am still missing purple 4* Cyprian, but that is RNG ( Legendary training since 2018-March, Gem summons since 2017-September ).

Bulk summons - stockpiling

Usually they are saving 3* heroes to reduce food costs.

Epic Hero Tokens ( 3*+ heroes ), Daily Summons Tokens ( chance of 3* heroes ) and uncollected, finished 1x Legendary training ( 3*+ heroes ) take up zero hero slots. So if you wait until you have a 4* / 5* hero at Level 60+, you can use any 3* heroes summoned to reduce the amount of food needed for levels 60-80.

Other times they are just stockpiling Hero XP.

The last time I did a group collection ( 151 Daily summons tokens ) was Ranvir and Sand Empire. I had been saving my tokens for six months, and my 1x Legendary training for several weeks, so I could use the 1* / 2* / 3* heroes to level yellow 5* Ranvir ( no Ranvir :slightly_frowning_face: ) and green 3* Hasin ( 2x Hisan :grin: ).

See notes for tips when hoarding tokens.

Remember to hoard food if stockpiling Hero XP ( see notes ).

Recruit, and food, costs of 2x to 4x Legendary training

If you are doing 2x to 4x Legendary training, I recommend you collect finished heroes as soon as they are ready.

Each Legendary training consumes 50 recruits and 148.5k food per day. The sooner you can get the 3*/ 4*/ 5* heroes you want, the sooner you can reduce your number of Legendary training and save on recruits, and food, used per day.

Currently I am doing 2x Legendary training trying to get Cyprian, Magni, Lianna, and Sartanna so I am collecting Legendary training as soon as they are ready ( hurry up Cyprian ).

Camps- RNG roll

When you collect the finished hero from the camp ( see notes ).

Camps- server ping

There were several hacks involving the game, including faster skill level up and allowing players to level heroes for reduced Hero XP. Hacked heroes were reset and the hacks patched in 2018-January.

Some of the patches moved processes to the server, or more likely, left the process on the device but required more frequent syncs, verification pings and possibly hashes of the game file.

So the server is doing something every time you summon. But investigations into RNG seeds ( only possible in Beta ) suggest the CAMPS are not entirely processed on the server. This is most likely because summoning 1* / 2* heroes have the highest impact in terms of processing, and storage, but the lowest impact on the game.

Gem summons

GEM summons are 100% handled by the server. GEM summons use a fresh RNG seed everytime a summons is done, even if the account is a clone ( only possible in Beta ). This also applies to tokens, and coins, that substitute for gems when summoning.


Click for notes

RNG of 1x summons versus 10+ summons

Food saved leveling with 3* heroes

Actual food formula


Food Hoards

Elite and Legendary

Guaranteed rare, Elite and Legendary

Camps- RNG roll/ RNG Seed/ Clones

(Chances of getting repeats from Training camps)

Server- Lag during sync ( was eventually sped up )

(Since last update, the app is slowly loading everything)

(Remember to play fair - don't be a cheat!)

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…or at least thinking about it. This is the only reason I bulk collect, lol.


Thank you for your work. I always learn something from your posts.:+1:

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I’ve always been one to fat finger it right away for TC20 haha. Great post! Kinda off topic but @Gryphonknight did you say your favorite TC20 5* is obakan?? You’re not trolling right? I’ve been trying to find someone that likes him, as a proud Obakan owner myself. :laughing: got him from TC20 and still haven’t found anyone that didn’t think he’d just be a waste of resources to level haha.

Yes. See notes.

Clicks for notes

Old post, but Gryphonkit, my wife, still uses the team.

Just not as Over Powered with new HotM and 5*+20 defenses.

Being Purple, and green, solves the Vela elemental fire debuff problem.


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