[Discussion] If you skipped Challenge events, did the addition of emblems to tier completion rewards change your mind

[Discussion] If you skipped Challenge events, did the addition of emblems to tier completion rewards change your mind

Usually I skip Rare tier and Legendary tier of challenge events.

I only complete Epic tier if the 3* ascension items are ones I need.

I was planning on skipping Wonderland completely.

But now that I can get 10 emblems from Rare tier and 40 emblems from Legendary tier, I am seriously considering completing both.

I may have to start farming Fine steel and Midnight roots.


Our alliance member @Crabby is thinking of completing Rare now because of it.


I mentioned exactly this myself a few minutes ago in my alliance chat… I used to pass on the rare difficult and now I am considering doing it for the emblems…

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Absolutely, I used to pass on rare, and just do epic but I did it this time (and last challenge event) and thanks to the WE flasks I also went hammer and tongs on legendary with 4 x 4*s and a 5.


Same for me… i am finishing the rare one for the first time… i tried at the beginning but i was not succelfull and then i have skipped them intentionally

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Now all tiers are worth the effort, imho.



Still not a mad hatter

This was a great idea. I was afraid the emblems were going to be in the top 10, and that would have increased the gap between those folks and the rest. I hope they add emblems to the completion awards for the old challenge events.


Why skip legendary? I guess I don’t know your deck but would think you could complete it.

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I always complete legendary and epic, but I’m now scrambling to finally level some 3’s to complete the rare event for the first time. I usually just do one level and call it a day but the sweet allure of emblems changed that habit.


… any regrets?

To all PTP, is it worth the opportunity cost if you do have three* heroes?

Finished rare yesterday with Squire wabbit, Rudolf, Gato, Balthazar and Melia. It was way harder vs legendary which i completed with onatel, vivica, wu kong, gravemaker and red hood.

Red hood foxes made it quite interresting to encounter Alice coz those minions kept healing all the time so Alice special was perpetual to the very end :slight_smile:

I did matter not… bosses stood no chances against my team :blush:

I haven’t skipped it so far since I’ve always tried to get the Troop token on rare, but it’s not really worth the items to do that anymore, so I was planning to skip rare this time and only get the AMs for completing epic & legendary.
Emblems sure changed my mind to finish rare. Now they only need to add them to the rank rewards to make them worthwhile again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah it did change my mind , I never did the rare but now there are emblems as rewards I did complete it along with epic and legendary , but I always do epic and legendary for AM so emblems are a bonus .

completed rare and legendary but having trouble with epic :persevere::persevere:

I will probably start completing rare. But I don’t have the heros this time around. I did 3 stages with 2 unleveled 1*, unleveled Rudolph, and a maxed melia and hissan. Don’t think I can make it this time.

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First I was like “oh I’m so doing rare from now on” then I was like “oh right I don’t have a single 3* maxed” but then I was like “I’ll do it anyway” and now we’ll just see how it goes.

Hate the idea of leveling 3* when I have 5* to level… Maybe some items can compensate for the lack of levels for the time being.

I always complete the epic and legendary ones, but since the only decent reward for rare was an energy flask I’ve always skipped it. With the addition of emblems, even just ten altogether, I decided it is now worth my while.

It was actually quite enjoyable, and it was nice to finally have a use for my old 3* team (with the removal of belith and addition of a power-maxed hawkmoon). I always knew I should keep the best 3 stars around and I’ve yet to regret it. Hansel has already thanked me for his emblems :wink:.

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My sentiments exactly. SG did well on this one.

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I used to skip rare, but now with the emblems I’m back to it.

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