Discussion: Disparity in the types of 5* that you summon

HOTM=Hero of the Month

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An update: I got my 4th Vela off a single coin pull. The streak continues…

[17 months / 220$]

[20 x 5* x 9 maxed]

15 Reg (include 1 Costume)
04 HotM
01 Atlantis
00 Event
00 Seasonal

02 Yellow
05 Purple
05 Blue
05 Green
03 Red

Feeder (out of slot)
Domitia no.3, Elkanen no.2, Khagan no.2, Thorne no.1, Obakan no.1

I dont have too many 5* but anyways i have a disparity.

Red (2). Grazul and Jean francois
Blue (2) Vela and Richard
Yellow (2) Joon and Justice
Purple (2) Grimble and Aeron
Green (0)

I have disgusting experience and i know almost for sure being sabotaged cause i told many times the truth on playstore also other players who already quit this game. I play over year and a half and still cant win 5* star hero. People telling you will win for sure HOTM with at least 15 summons so i instead all the time 10 summons i decided to wait longer and i did 24 summons all i got was 3* crap some 4* and 0 5*. Smart people who already left this capitalistic crap told me not possible if you dont donate i told them need time, well how much time century, millennia, or at least 1000$ donate for this disgu sting greedy developers. Also won Kageburado and Ariel later were taken from me with lame message sry mistake was made those are for donors. I also won for second twice HOTM but was replaced immediately with other hero so i can say well for sure ive been sabotaged for negative comments well not negative just truth other people were smart and told me not to waste my time but i not listened!

That is clearly false advice.

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No one here is sabotaging you dude. Lighten up.

Chances don’t change no matter how much you spend.

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Except when you finally win and they take them from you later with lame message “sry mistake was made those are for donor” no not sabotaging at all! You sure tho cause I’m not the only one.

how in the world did you understand what he wrote? I read it like 5 times before it got removed. I was not any more enlightened than before I read it the first time.

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What are you talking about? Screenshot please

I am no donor and I have Ariel.

Well TBH I only understood maybe half of it.

The part about donors … no clue.

xslayermkdx, how exactly have these heroes been taking away from you? Cause the only way you can lose a hero you claimed is by feeding it to another hero. No one in SG pays attention to individual players and sabotaged them (ever thought about the number of employees this would take)but if you hate this 'capitalistic crap company so much, why are you still here with your conspiracy theory? Why not play a different game ? Gosh, there are similar ones from the People’s Republic of China. Surely, they are trustworthy.

xslayermkdx, there are no heroes for donors. Please send proof when you make such accusations

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Let’s not single out a country and make negative implications like that.

Who took the heroes away, how, and in what medium did the message appear? You logged in one day to a message in your inbox and no Ariel in your roster? Did anyone else experience this, like, ever?

I know we’re not supposed to attack other posters by doubting their veracity, but in this case, I confess I doubt. Big time. It reminds me of my sister saying that the extra pocket money she had somehow acquired (definitely not from Mum’s purse) had been left for her in a special place in the garden by the fairies, who had also thoughtfully left a note saying this was for her, but unfortunately she had destroyed the note. But she was 5 years old at the time, and has since grown up to be a reasonably honest and functioning adult.


A dubious claim like that requires one thing which you have yet to show and that one thing is proof. If such a preposterous event occurred with any of my heroes I would get screenshot(s) documenting said event. Anything less than actual evidence for this claim is suspect.

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Bobiscool, I wasn’t inferring anything about a country, I was mentioning it because there’s another game that copied this one to the T, and it happened to come from China. just as this one is from Scandinavia. I did not want to mention the name of the game and had no other Identifier. that’s all.

The other probability is that it was a particularly vivid dream.

There are 5* Heroes which are even worse than a standard 4* hero. For example I picked Atomos which is too weak for being a 5*… Truely I can’t see any reasonable use of him (except for increasing stock of available green heroes for war) since he is too weak in all possible aspects.
There are 5* Heroes (like Kunchen, Ursena, etc) which are instead totally cool and you highly hope to have (I don’t own neither of those, for example). Probably Atlantis and Valhalla summon should hopefully (in a future) erase the chance of getting standard heroes (you can pick them in tc20, you can pick them in costume chamber, and in elemental summons and epic summons) since season2 and season3 heroes cannot be picked anywhere except its own summon event.

I do think that the original intent was for S1 heroes to be the primary staple of your hero bench. HOTM and S2 were a bonus that would supplement, rather than replace, that core. They seriously underestimated just how much players were willing to spend to chase pixel images in a mobile phone game.

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