Discussion: Disparity in the types of 5* that you summon

This is more for discussion and less about moaning (although we all have some justifiable gripes about summons).

I’ve always felt that I’m on the lower end of luck when it comes to successfully summoning 5*'s. Between November, December and January up until yesterday I’ve probably did about 130 summons (approximate) and only summoned Grimble and a Vela. I’ve had a few spells like that and I tried to tell myself that I was using up my bad luck and would get something nice soon. I wasn’t going to go crazy with Atlantis pulls as I’d already gotten Vela but Zeline, Kunchen and Poseidon were worth a ten pull at least so I did one and… 2 more Velas popped out. (That’s my good “luck” used up now probably).
So going back to the title. I’ve been playing since September 2017 and spending since May 2018. I probably do about 50 pulls a month usually and in all that time I’ve summoned 1 Atlantis 5* (Kage), 1 Challenge event 5* (Rumplestiltskin who’s at 3.70) and 1 Seasonal 5* (Yunan). But I have summoned 16 distinct Hotm’s (22 total). Which is quite a disparity. I’ve also summoned a good few Season 1 5*'s aswell.
It would be interesting to see if other players have had the same experience.

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I wish I was as lucky as you. I only seem to pull a HOTM every 4 months or so. Even though I do spend a lot on the game. But one of the things I have to remember is that it is exactly like gambling. Just because I choose to spend so much money on it doesn’t mean I’m guaranteed the best hero’s.
A thread I’ve seen many post about is people who complain they don’t get them. But it’s the nature of the game. Although I will try to remember this next time I become frustrated.
I even feel myself becoming jealous of some of my alliance friends because there are a few of them who pull amazing hero’s. Sometimes multiple hotm all the time. Yet they haven’t spent as much as me.

I really think it is just down to sheer luck.

Sending you some “luck” your way. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:
I wish you many amazing pulls! Don’t give up. :wink:


So I’ll note that I’m a whale. I will usually try to pull 30x from an event and then do 1-2 30x on Atlantis. It’s entirely common that if I take any one 50-pull streak, I won’t even get a single 5… or that I will either pull a duplicate or get a bonus hotm.

Two months ago I was pulling like crazy and never got a single Neith. It was a bad month for pulling where I probably did close to 200 pulls and didn’t get anything good. Then last month I did the same number of pulls and got 7 Grinbles. Then again, this month I’ve been incredibly lucky to get some good toons from Teltoc and Atlantis… so I say all that to say that luck ebbs and flows. But also the game is stingy with 5*

It seems like for the amount that you pull that the results are more or less normal. Keep in mind that all pulls are independent of each other. So the odds that you are going to get something good do not change just because you pull more. You could pull 1000x and not get anything. And if you get something, it might not even be what you want


I know what you mean and I know my results from summons aren’t on the extreme end of unluckiness but are definitely lower than 3.8%

I didn’t mean this to be a thread about unluckiness with summons but more about peoples stories of what groups of 5*'s that they summon esp if there’s a big disparity like with myself (22 HOTM’s vs 3 Atlantis/event 5*'s). Your seven Grimbles and nothing else definitely qualifies.

That’s a pretty crazy HOTM ratio. Mine is 3 HOTM, 2 Event, 3 Atlantis. Small and strangely beautiful team (Evelyn, Neith, Guinevere, Vela, Mitsuko, Athena!)


My luck seems to be with HOTM I have 8 since I started playing in August of 2018. I have 1 event hero (Gaurdian Owl) and no Atlantis 5*. I spend between 30 and 50 a month on the game and normally do between 1 to 3 10 pulls a month

Just a quick note on the 3.8% chance. This is a common math mistake that people on the forum make. The bonus 1.3% can’t be added to the 2.5% of a 5* hero because both of those pulls come from a different ‘bucket’ of probability. Each pull has 2 unique 100% dice rolls. That’s multiplicative, not additive.

Aside from that, I’m just curious about your rolls that get you some of the classic heroes (TC20 heroes). Because challenge/seasonal/Atlantis pulls can net you EITHER the unique heroes or the classic ones, then you might realize that you haven’t been doing so poorly in terms of pulls.

If you add the classics to your 3 challenge/seasonal/Atlantis heroes and compare those to your bonus hotm, does it still look like your luck is lopsided?


Hi I wouldn’t have stated what I said if I hadn’t considered it. Including season 1 5*'s it’s less than 3.8% which I do believe is pretty much the odds.
You seem to have misread the intention of my original post. Its not to discuss sunmoning luck in terms of how many 5*'s, rather to discuss the ratio of different groups of 5*'s

I understand your post completely. You didn’t include how many classic 5*s you pulled from season 1, so I wasn’t clear if something was missing in the comparison.

But in addition to that I’m trying to help you see that 3.8% might not be the right number to use for making claims about ratios of non-hotm vs hotm. 3.8% is widely claimed in the forums as the odds that any 5* is pulled, but I’m letting you know this might be bad math. However, if you use 2.5 and 1.3 and make the necessary adjustments, the odds still seem off.


You’re doing what to Finley, now? :thinking:




Darn autocorrect



By the way, I worked out the math (with a little bit of rounding error)

96.23% chance to get no 5
1.26% chance to get only a hotm
2.46% chance to get a non-hotm (featured OR non-featured hero)
0.03% chance to get both hotm and a non-hotm

So yes, it is close to 3.8% that some 5* is pulled, but only 2.5% that any non-hotm 5* hero is drawn and that 2.5% percent is even including the frustrating chance of getting a Season 1 hero.

So to compare the ratio of hotm to non-hotm is a little tricker. It should be 2 non-hotm to 1 hotm (2.46% : 1.26%) and for you it’s not even just reversed, but off by a lot.

Again, I wasn’t trying to take away from the balance question, but I just want anyone on the thread to be clear on how we should be comparing hotm pulls to non-hotm pulls. Last month I got too many hotm, this month I got way more event heroes than hotm. Somehow it kind of balances out.

Anyway, I wish everyone on this thread much luck on their pulls and may they improve!

I really don’t get the purpose of the thread. You said it’s not to moan, but to compare probalities, SerPabby. You know that the game is totally random, the probalities are clearly stated (adding equally clearly that the probabilities do not mean that you or anyone else falls into the category
10 pulls can get you 10 3 stars, 10 4 stars, 10 5 stars, 0 3 stars, 0 4 stars, 0 5 stars and any combination in between. This is what randomness means.
I started playing in June or July last year and spend 20- 40 pounds a month and got 9 5 stars: Vela (yesterday on a single pull, Misandra, Thorne, Grimble (single pull), Ursena, Neith (together with Kiril, also pulled only once), Justice, Azlar and Atomos. Is that what you meant? Anyway, good luck with your next pull!

@samantha: I think you tagged the wrong person. I didn’t create this thread and I didn’t even once moan about my own pulls. If anything, I am trying to help with the interpretation of the pull odds for how we refer to the ratio of heroes that we pull.

But it seems like any help I’m offering is just being met with resistance… No good deed goes unpunished!

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I am sorry, I was looking for the thread creator, SerPabby.

The purpose was for a friendly discussion of peoples experiences and to see was any like mine.

Im sorry but I didn’t want the discussion to be about overall pull odds of 5*'s. Just a discussion to see other players experiences especially if they got the same skewed ratios as I did.
I don’t really feel that there’s a world of difference between 3.75% and 3.8%. You’re entitled to feel like there is.

OK, my turns…
Played since Feb 2019 (so, almost one year). Pull range about 20-70 each month.

HOTM: 11 total (including duplicate), non duplicate total 8
old-HOTM: 2 total (no duplicate)
Atlantis: 3 total (no duplicate) including Atomos :sweat_smile:
Event: 1 total
Seasonal: 0 total (pull 40x EHT on december, and 10xpull gems, at least get buddy), didn’t get Grimble, I pull so many (for me it is so many in my budget range) try in xMas, Grimforest and also Atlantis in december.

Here is what look like my current 5* heroes plan to level on each priority:


Next intersting target will be Avalon: Blacknight, Arthur and Lady of the Lake
And Atlantis: Frida, Ariel, Delilah and also JF-HOTM
Hope to get lucky for everyone :leaves: :+1:


Been playing for over 3 years. Still have not pulled a HOTM. I do have all 3* and 4* Atlantis Heroes. NO 5* Atlantis Heroes. Anyone know the odds on that happening?


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