[Discussion] Destroying 5* 4.80 heroes

[Discussion] Destroying 5* 4.80 heroes

Smashing things

I noted several players referencing this topic recently.

Humans like smashing things (linky, linky)

But are 5* heroes the right thing to destroy?

Addictive personality

If you are an addictive personality, you should absolutely destroy your 5* heroes.

Season 3, Path of Valor, and Costume Chamber show Empires forward path, targeting really really new players and really really big spenders.

I expect Hero Academy to involve RNG, since Devs Tim said shards come later.

I expect Hero Academy to involve gems, since Path of Valor now increases a F2P monthly gem budget.

Empires roadmap is very similar to casinos, and luxury tobacco products ( notice the glitter animation on Valor Pass locked rewards and Atlantis Rising map ), so things will not get better for addictive personalities.

Devs or Future you?

It is seductive to think the Devs will notice your 5* hero destruction, or your alliance teammates, or your forum friends, but they will not.

But the one person guaranteed to notice your 5* hero destruction is future you.

Be kind to future you, leave your account intact.

By leaving with an intact account, you can always come back at a later date and fool around with Empires for a few days, then leave again.

Bonus, Extra low cost training ( Recruit training 11 ), and Legendary training ( Recruit training 20), will have more finished heroes when you come back.

Past you

Past you must have enjoyed Empires, or you would not have 3* 3.50, 4* 4.70 or 5* 4.80 heroes.

After a few weeks go by without playing Empires, it will be easier to remember the fun you had and forget the grindy parts.

Current You

Current you is raging against the stone wall of merciless RNG, trickle 4* ascension items, limited time heroes, duplicate heroes, and increasing summons costs.

Current you is very smart.

Empires has no catch up mechanism for new players because they are the biggest target population for micro transactions.

Empires has no way to balance merciless RNG because that is why users buy 4* ascension items.

Empires has a 5* HotM because it generates the most micro transactions for the least developer effort ( see revised Costume chamber).






So many people, especially F2P, put up with Empires’ gorram frakking merciless RNG, trickle 4* ascension items, limited time heroes, duplicate heroes, and increasing summons costs because underneath it, was the potential to be as fondly remembered as Animal Crossing, or Pokémon.

Until a reimagining of Empires comes out ( see Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley) Empires is still a game with some ground breaking design choices. Created by some of the most talented staff in the mobile gaming sector.

It will take old age ( for a mobile game), or real competition, for Empires to ever change. But if it does change, having intact 3* 3.50, 4* 4.70 and 5* 4.80 will allow you to jump right back into Empires.


You current account is a history of your love, and hate, of Empires. Like a scrapbook it chronicles your time with the game, and the friends you made.

Destroying 5* 4.80 heroes may seem like a good idea ( and for addictive personalities it is 100% a great idea) but the only person you are hurting is future you.

Perhaps take some time out, put on your safety glasses, and smash that old printer you hate ( before sending it to the recycling center where they will smash it into even tinier pieces ), or crush those empty soda cans so they take up less room in the recycle bin, or tear up that old newspaper with a cover piece on Zynga’s financials.

I also hear making clay statues is very cathartic.

Or maybe that was voodoo dolls.


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This is a particularly entertaining and thoughtful article @Gryphonknight, I really enjoyed it.


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